Hey people,
I have done this model in C4D, the enviroment i left it for second i was more interested in SubD modeling. Exported as FBX opened in EIAS.I am still working in these piece.Crtitiques welcome. this started as a modeling exercie at this stage is a ligthning and rendering exercise.


Nice model Edgard. The right image is Apass?
What lighting technique did you use on the color image?
The texture repetition on the floor and the reflection are not really necessary…
If you like to try different lighting and rendering techniques with this model, this could turn in a very interesting and profitable thread.


Hi RIchard thanks, i owned the model to the power of SubD in C4D, i did try to model the car in EIM with no succes but i did learn a lot from it.

 Well Apass :) you do it by adding the Apass to the camera and use it as projection right? No is not an Apass just a white master material and GI to its default.
 Ok My lighting setup is 
 spot key light     intensity 0.3   GI secondary 
 spot fill light       intensity 0.1  GI normal
 radial back light   intensity 0.6  GI normal
 No SkyMap reflections,two HDRI one for the Chrome and one for the CarBody these are Reflection Maps,on the carbody i have an HDRI and another plain image with very little intensity. On the chrome i have it full.

For the GI settings look at image.The default is too much time consuming.Secondary rays eats a lot of time. As increase the Secondary Rays i get more reflection refraction but a a rendering cost.

True not neccesary the reflection and the material i was just experimenting .
And off course i will like not to loose my reflection maps when i activate GI the reflections are dimmed so i will like not to loose my reflections and being able to have my GI, well i like the look of GI is kind like an Ambient Oclussion shading effect.
I was gona add an illuminator instead of the radial light, i want to try different things at this stage.


Loon gave a setup example and some info in this thread for Apass.

You can model a simple showroom in no time (2 visible walls with windows, floor and ceiling) using photographs for outside and behind camera walls. This will give you an environment for reflection and will make for a more interesting image. You can then try lots of lighting setups with IBL, illuminators etc.

This thing could turn into a collective lighting experiment.


Thanks for the Apass tip and thanks to Yhlonn. I was thinking in placing my jeep in a night city but the thing is that i am loosing the colors when i use GI. Here is the original image without GI, so i want to be able to get those powerful reflections and the datk color but i am loosing them when i add GI to the setup.


Hi all,
I am trying to use IBL on my car i am experimenting a bit with different lightinig techniques. I was wondering how can you produce black areas with IBL it seem the image is coming out washed out. I set GI with adaptive sky map and use an HDRI as a SKyMap with skydome projection. i did use it as a light probe. But keeps producing the same image.I did use a spot light with GI as secondary to help with the reflections and refractions. Any help will be very welcome.

The sky map will be my background, i just made it light probe in C4D. i could have done in photoshop but the main thing is to getting those dark and white areas noticeable. I did after a while try with the glossy settings to increase the birghtness but didn increase the contrast.
Did try different angles on light probe projection and skydome but dont seem to get the results i am looking for.


Follow this thread development on the EITG forum…


I will be posting new images , i thought it could be helpful for the EI community and from my learning experience and all of us in CGtalk. Should i keep posting images here as i go ?
Ok i cant do anything about the IBL anymore i have tweak these bay a lot so here is my model ready for some Matte Painting.


Yes, Edgard please do so. I much prefer reading posts here at CGTalk over at EITG´s because (don´t laugh) of the dark grey background (energy conservation…) and i think that´s also the purpose of this VIP forum to see someones progress he is making. And to discuss certain matters.


:wink: I know Stefan.I agree and i hope they change the color shceme.
Ok i will keep posting here. Cool.


The energy conservation is probably “rubbish” for LCD displays so i appologize for that thought…:wink: But i prefer anyway darkgrey versus white.

BWT. a cool think i didn´t know is pressing “CTR+ALT+APPLE+8” to reverse your screen on your Mac.



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