EIAS into Blender



So can anyone write up a step by step on getting animations into Blender From EIAS?

Particularly what check boxes need to be checked on the way out of EIAS?

Does anyone know if it matters whether we use BVH flat or hierarchical?

I’ve not had the time to figure this workflow out yet, so I’m hoping someone else has…



Blender is getting very big these days, Dynamics , Softbodies and RIgid Bodies, Hair, Sculpting tools, Vray,Lux for Blender i mean you have no excuse to not learn it. The only thing is the workflow which is being fixed in the next release other than that i think is a good idea to include it in the pipeline.
i was watching a sculpting tutorial on Blender and i was very impressed with it and what it got to offer. Tremendous effort.

To your question i will find out in these last few days.


Great! looking forward to hearing your experience!


I have downloaded v2.5 which doesnt have any output for exporters or importers, but for sure i am keen to find out.


They’ve made 2.5 available? I check back every now and then, but haven’t yet seen any d/l’s for 2.5 yet. Been wanting to try it out though, the interface looked like they made big improvements over the 2.49 and lower versions.


I think there are some builds available but they are not final versions.


Current 2.5 Builds are available here and not on the Blender site.



Hi Stefan do you know where can i download the importer and exporters for Blender?
I have tried to load them with Python but it gives me a directory error. rggg


Hi Edgard,

what i´ve read so far is that those Builds do not have any importers/exporters yet. They are also not officially releases. The latest official Vers. is 2.49, if i remember correctly.



Not good news at the moment i have tired exporting motion form EI as bvh(flat and hierarchy) and Maya ASCII… and nothing happened s into Blender the only app that i have that something is doable in C4D havent try Modo but it should work as it has the collada I/O which i think it works a lot better but, maybe a Blender expert can help in here to set up a in and out of Blender /EIAS.
I will keep doing tests but i find that the new company(EIAS) has some inspirations to work towards and one of the main issues here is the I/O form EIAS to any other 3d package.

Stefan: I have downloaded the 2.49 build, tried several versions of python with Blender 2.5 and nothing seems to work to get those scripts running into Blender :frowning:
I have played with Rodeo and it seems that i have no luck at getting it to do a simple bouncing ball. :slight_smile: That pushed me into a corner to learn Blender. Lest se how it goes.


Interesting link on the blender.org site - there’s a new node based compositing app out there called Ramen. Its open-source and free. Could be something pretty cool in a few years; rudimentary right now though.


Doesn’t deal with quicktimes yet though, just frame sequences. I guess its kind of like what the Jahshaka people were attempting a few years ago, but hopefully the project stays a little more focused than what happened to that app.


They released the first Alpha.

Seems very impressive: 64bit OSX, rendering billions of polys via instances etc, etc.

To bad i can´t test it because im still on 10.4.11 OSX.




enough people begged to have them release a mac version of 2.5 that works on 10.5, not sure if it will work on 10.4 though…

Over all…the new interface is sweeeeetttttt…everything major seems to be working except for being able to bake physics into keyframes…I imagine when they focus in on the animation part of the program that will be fixed. the animation workflow is considerable more user friendly, including adding fcurves…

I’m very much impressed with the work that must have gone into making this possible…

If EITG’s new incarnation has any brains whatsoever, they will make an EIAS/Blender pipeline a top priority…I would love to be able to switch back and forth relatively painlessly…With the new interface, they will be bleeding users over to Blender very quickly if they don’t…


I’ve never once seen a job listing that had Blender as a requirement, been to a studio who was using it, or even seen Blender on a list of experience in a potential hire’s resume. Of all the apps EIAS needs to worry about losing real users to, Blender isn’t going to be one of them - great as 2.5 may be.

Besides the bleeding is pretty much over and done with at this point, and it was Cinema and Maya who were holding that particular knife.


I’m no Blenderista, but this new iteration of Blender could gain some traction in the one-man-show market as it is the “no more horrible UI” edition we bi-curious :smiley: are wanting to poke with a stick. And EIAS is in that precise market opposite the workflow-is-king one.

(a colleague of mine did us some medical animations with Blender last September, a former EIAS guy. He burned his dongle some years ago, so to speak)


@scott…i’ve used the old blender on several projects that are paid, and more that are personal. With all due respect, I think your perspective is more past-centric on this particular matter. Paradigms shift all the time. Considering the addition of smoke/volumetric rendering to the fluids, soft/rigid body dynamics, and particle systems and the enhanced and customizable UI, I think the paradigm has shifted. As someone who has been using EIAS since '02 it would be hard to imagine paying $8000 for Maya to get the functionality that EIAS lacks when I can download Blender for free…Sure maya has more depth in a lot of it’s tools, but my one man show doesn’t get the kind of jobs that require them. And last time I looked I don’t see EIAS based shops getting those jobs either…or EIAS skills being a requirement for employment in other shops. With the demand for 3D growing or atleast not deminishing in the future, there are a whole lot of studios yet-to-be that will be taking a serious look at blender.

But that’s only my perspective…


Actually, that’s what I meant to imply but probably didn’t get around to saying very well in the post. As a 1-man shop I still use EI too, and have played around with Blender for years (though never actually used it all the way through finish on anything.)

But 1-person studios obviously aren’t enough to keep EI afloat, or it wouldn’t be in the position we see it in right now. They need to get a foothold back in the places they used to have, the ones that buy multiple seats of the software. They are the ones who’ve gone over to Maya and Cinema in droves.

So to revisit what I was saying about EI losing sales to Blender, in the context of the small-time operation I just don’t see anyone actually dropping EI completely to switch over. The nature of being a small studio requires me to have more tools, if anything.

Still just my opinion though - and an opinion heavily biased towards what I do most, which is broadcast and theatrical motion graphics, so take for what its worth.


ahhh…I misunderstood…yeah, as far as catching up with the big guys…hmmm…I actually don’t see that happening…I don’t know that we need another big player anyways…If EIAS becomes too competitive with autodesk…autodesk will just buy it…then we’ll have to pay yearly fees…who wants that? I don’t think EIAS has the resources to overcome all the barriers to entry of that space anyways.

I say go the other route. become a low-cost finishing app for people who use blender(and there are more than any of us might think). They would be more likely to buy an $800 app that they can combine with a free app and get 90% of the tools that come with the $8000 app, than actually pay $8000 (plus yearly fees). The value of unlimited render slaves of equal quality, is another large but somewhat hidden cost. If I was starting a big house, I would rather spend the money on more workstations and render slaves than on software licenses.


Guys I like the way this discussion is headed. I for one have been looking for a modeler that had a good punch. Modo is my new hobby but in that list I’ll throw in blender, wings3d and bonzai (beta). I have worked with C4d and only appreciate body paint.

I can’t say I know a whole lot about import/export workflows yet but blender has built up a lot of steam and it’s positioning itself to users of all apps like modo did for modelers. A good colleague of mine that uses render man explained it to me in this fashion. At his studio they would texture all elements and export to Maxwell prior to engaging their render farms. Maxwell will produce a “scientific” render with accurate lighting. They would then tweak their lighting and GI, caustics, render settings in general to achieve 2 goals. Render faster and try to keep a hi percentage of the quality similar to the Maxwell render.

That sounded a lot like EI to me, where I work on rendering faking it and then rendering again to save time. Ei has been a hub for many studios but since its not a whole package it doesn’t get its full glory IMHO.

Blender is good app for 1 man studios but if it can play with EI faster then it would make a good 1-2 punch. New devs know our wants and have delivered. I think import export should be next hot item on the list along with an upgraded particles simulations and soft/hard body dynamics that we sort of have now. Unfortunately as all this 3d technology evolves they are all seeming to converge with a handful of key differences among them. ( a bit exaggerated but we’re heading in that direction)


Ok dont forget that they have a very good implementation of Vray and Lux for Blender so i dont think we should head these way regarding establishing a bridge between EIAS and Blender.
Efforts should focus more on fixing their own stuff and make it work with the latest OS.Period
You can do Tracking using Syntheyes and pass the tracking points with MoCon
After Effect is not thinking in excluding the IMAGE format any time soon.
So?Lets just wait and see what happened,mean time learn another tool, play an instrument or join a yoga class.