Egypt, Teng Lin (2D)


Title: Egypt
Name: Teng Lin
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

Hello ,everybody,i’m glad to come here and talk with painters,this is the one of theme which the client have ordered…i’m unemployed
went i do this paint .actually i can’t be good at software and match colors is not very well 。so i think it is a chance that i can make use of the free time to impore myself.
so i think the paint is the start of practice


Ummmm :applause: Good work! I like an egyptian atmosphere!



this is great!

a good idea is to study colour theory…if you wan to know where to look PM me…
but also look at dutch painter…they really have the best colour…well whatever…

have fun!!



I love egyptian art, this is cool although the guy with the cape… his legs look way too short, is he meant to look tiny compared to the other humans? Also the perspective is a little confusing. Anyway, nice rendering. keep it up mate, looks good.


I so love all Egyptian!
Very nice composition and coloring. I like it!


i like the dynamic camera angle most of all. and the flying leaves make it all so intriguing. it looks like some movie action, the scene is very much alive. good work!


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