EGR-8 mobile welding machine, Daniil Alikov (3D)


Well done!! This is beautiful!


Excellent work!


Thank you again guys!
For those who is interested I attached
Light setup screengrab and Beauty pass.


Excellent details!


Amazing work! :applause:


I loooooove your this huge project…:bounce:


Amazing work. The shading is great. The ground is really outstanding.


Great pics have a sense of history in them. This welder is not brand new, it is well used and cared for. Even if not properly :slight_smile: definately by someone just scaping by. I note the fin on then back that broke and was plated back on. Obviously an essential part, even if i dont know what it is. Fantistic detail, very beliavable even feom an engineering perspective like the knee hinges


i like it!


love the lighting, great to see the breakdown. :slight_smile:


This is just amazing, textures and everything, really like the style too. Even the composition of the photo is great :beer:


Nice model. Could be nice to see it in a game such as Fallout 3 :slight_smile:


very cool! :slight_smile:


That is some of the best cg dirt I’ve seen in a while.


Awesome Work Man!


Great Work!


Great design and perfectly executed. Well done.


Thank you very much, guys! I’m happy you like it :beer:


great work


just amazing…