Eevil-K, ZhiHeng Tang (3D)




Nice sculpt! I LOVE the overall lighting and the great use of Mental Ray (Especially his head)! :buttrock:

I agree with others, it does seem that he isn’t gripping the chain. Some killer guy like this would be clenching the hell out of it with anger. Like the viewer is the next in line! haha

Can you share more of your background setup (Lighting/Mental Ray)?






  • re TorbjornO thanks your comment , you are a very careful person , thanks for point out.the arm sharpen is not becuase the i use filter, the 3s shader what i use has add the reflectivity properties, may be it is set up a little too high.

for the volumetric rays that you mentioned ,actually i set up one single light with fog and lens flare in maya used for volumetric light, and render a single pass used for compositioned,sorry for confused.

  • re Shiao thanks and wellcome! 多谢捧场!

  • re melkao thanks your comment, and i am very surprised that you are writed down in chinese, are you one of ethnic Chinese ?

  • re skyllm here is my contact ,be free to talk.
    QQ 363199884
    SKYPE crystalit01


不是, 我是哥伦比亚人, 我在学习汉语关于三个年半, 我很喜欢中国。


I am new to posting on these forums, but just had to comment on this piece - congratulations on winning an award, this image is truly photorealistic and very stylish… Actually quite creepy. I am in awe as I am trying to create a similar piece myself and could not hope to reach this level of detail yet!

Thanks for your inspiration though!

Sarah :slight_smile:


Simply awesome…


I like it. I knew who it was the moment I saw him! :cool:


Great work here!




wa wa wow …/

very very nice _I enjoyed seeing your work…/

good luck./


damn, this looks awesome!
you’re amazing man


great work!!!:bowdown:


I think the cloth not very well but actully it was a great work!!


Just a single comment: FANTASTIC!


:wavey:Hi xiao tang !great work! really like !:thumbsup:


excellent work!! One question… How do you achieve that ‘dust particle’ look in your renders??


Awesome! I wanna kick his ***


grrrr he’s mean mother…