Eevil-K, ZhiHeng Tang (3D)


Title: Eevil-K
Name: ZhiHeng Tang
Country: China
Software: combustion, Maya, mental ray, ZBrush

HI everyone
This is my latest work: Eevil-K, Inspired by a movie named See No Eevil, and the main character that acted by kane made me very highly impressive from movie, Strong and evil on him,
so i make the 3d works base on this style.
hope you like it.
all the model made in maya first then make the highmodel in zbrush4 ,rendering in mental ray, and final composited in combustion
comment are wellcome.


Didn’t need description to know who this is… awesome!


awesome indeed! good job!


i add the highmodel screenshot from zbrush now.


great job, .the only thing is the cloth has having clay or metallic feel otherwise its awesome :slight_smile:



Very nice work overall. He looks very intimidating. Very good sculpt too.

Now I am going to have to watch that movie


yeah, you will like it, i hope so.


The overall work is fine (modeling, textures, etc).
Hands do not appear to hold the chain, it looks to me. Just a tiny detail, but…


great work! really like this one :slight_smile:


re-GeoLOu i agree, but i think him is just get a little tired aftet holding too long.

re-ebasta it should become lighter on egde when the light coming from back.


Very nice work, love the environment! I also think that his hands are way too relaxed to be holding those chains, it looks like the chain is floating specially his left hand. The shirt almost look like rusted metal like the platform he’s standing on and the hook is kinda hard to see because of its texture which makes it blend in with the background.


re-angel i just want make some small detail from dirty cloth, and it should look more strong from highmodel. thank you for you comment, sometime some detail always taking long time to improved.


This is really a powerful piece man.
The character is Great…model, textures, materials etc. are all perfect, and the final lighting is very well done.

The only thing on wich I would have spent a little bit more is the background.
You know, its style is perfectly matching with the guy, but I can see some geometries with low polycount and fast texture mapping, so the final image is catched to my eyes like an impressive next gen videogame shot.

Anyway, 5* (and much more) for the guy.
Congrats man :wink:


very nice image …
some hairs, would have made it even better :slight_smile:


WOW… Stunning… congrats :slight_smile:


Great guy! I still remember that movie with Kane) Cool work.


Nice picture!

My critiques would be that you went too hard on the “sharpen” filter, the subtle thin streaks from the flare on the left of his arm feel out of place, some of the dirt on his clothing look off (the fabric in general could be better, texture wise not modeling), and finally the volumetric rays look more like 2D gradients instead of being created by light hitting the dusty air.

Modeling is great (except it doesn’t look like he’s holding the chain), he does look violent and overall composition and colors are nice!

Great job!


congratulations for your award…excellent lighting using mental ray


cool stuff.i like this nice colour


Really great work, maybe I found the overall image a little bit “sharp edged”…

Anyway excelent job!