Editorial:'Black Panther' is amazing. Why are its CG models so terrible?


Black Panther is a refreshing answer to the increasingly stale world of superhero cinema. But there’s one glaring flaw throughout the film: its use of CG models to replace humans during action sequences. They’re weightless, ugly and, worst of all, incredibly distracting. You’d think that in the year 2018, following the recent glut of comic book films, visual effects (VFX) studios would have perfected the art of creating realistic CG humans. Instead, we appear to have peaked at Avatar in 2010. What gives?


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Quote> Why are its CG models so terrible?

they’re cutting costs, and VFX/Story changes are more frequent, hence having to cut down on quality.

my guess.


I don’t think anyone realised was going to be the greatest movie ever, and so initially made it on the cheap. They will address this in the sequel I am sure - they will feature some of the best sfx ever created.


They call out the 3D modeling, which is not something that could be a problem, the model would be the same that they used everywhere else. I think the shots in question look fine, but they are the type of shot where the character and camera movement are clearly impossible to capture in any way with live action elements so of course it’s going to be obviously fake. I don’t know that those particular shots could have been done any better, especially the one with the car since it was used in early promotional material so it had a very large amount of development.


Quote: They call out the 3D modeling, which is not something that could be a problem

in this case the CG version has was more refined muscles than it should, so that would be the modeling.

the lighting and shader of BP, also looks quite “CG”

though all in all i think BP the movie looks decent.


My point is that if they had a specific issue with the modeling in those shots then they would have to call out most/all of the other
shots because they would have used the same model. In fact, if they did things like they did on Civil War, they replaced his costume with the CG model most of the time because the real costume won’t fit as well.