Editor Keywords


Is there a way to access all of the Pro Editor keywords? I am making a forum code coloring definition file, and I’d like to get everything. In the maxscript.properties file, it has the “keywords” groups, which would be exactly what I would need- but they are auto-generated according to the file, is there another place they reside?

If I can’t, I can type the important ones by hand, but seeing as its already done, it couldn’t hurt asking.


You could try using ‘apropos “*”’ to get ALL constructors and methods and filter out by using the type in the brackets, for example ‘const MAXClass’, ‘const Generic’, ‘const Primitive’ etc., while skipping ‘MAXScriptFunction’ because these are user-defined.

The beauty of the new built-in method is that it catches all 3rd party DLX and other extensions and colorizes their methods automagically.


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