Editing with lattice after Rigging + Blendshapes + SDK + Everything


Hey all

I’ve got a rig with skinning and blend shapes and the blend shapes are all connected up to SDK’s and drivers and it’s a mega complicated rig with a lot of polys!

I wanna use a lattice to edit a small part of the face, but to them export for a game engine i need to then back the lattice deformation and remove the history from mesh while maintaining the blend shapes and skinning and I can’t for the life of me figure it out!



hello theazz.
you can try this, first take a duplicate of main geometry ,
do what all shape edits you wanted on this mesh using lattice, then bake that shape rename it as latticeShape to be clear,
now add this latticeShape to main geometry as a blendShape , choose existing Node in options while adding it.
then change latticeShape value to 1 and lock that attribute. this way your shape edit also gets exported to game engine along with blendShape node.
no need of removing any history.


Ahh good one. Yeah I could do that. I wonder if there’s a day to do it without adding a blend shape as I think it might add a bit of expense in Unity.

Your solution will definitely work though thanks