Edited Normals - Not exporting?



So I’m having a wee bit of an issue.

I confess I have no training at this and probably comes across rather noobish question because I might not understand the finer points but whatever.

I’m doing a little bit of modding and I find myself needing to remove the scalp from a headmesh. So I’ve removed the scalp only I’m having problems retaining my normals (so right now I have a lovely seam). I’ve successfully unified the normals in application. However - the moment I attempt to export it (FBX), it totally loses the changes I’ve made with the EditNormals modifier and resets them when I import it anywhere else - even another 3dsmax copy.

I’m playing with morph targets so enabling Split per-vertex isn’t an option (and it raises the number of vertices to crazy amounts). I’m just perplexed of why the Edit Normals modifer is totally ignored when exporting in and out.