Edit a sequence in After effects


Hi guys,
I have a really simple question that just won’t google! :slight_smile:

I have a 15 mins footage and I want to extract a sequence from say 00:34 to 00:46
Than I need to play with that. So far AE In/Out tools make the new sequence that is also 15 mins long but black with only 00:34-00:46 showing. I need my new sequence to be single and extracted from the footage and be 12 seconds long.

So simple I just can’t do it!


Load up the comp and set in and out points for the work area (b and n are the hotkeys). Then Composition > Trim comp to work area.

Or you could set the comp up first (Ctrl-N for a new comp), drag the footage in and slide it until you have the range you want. Trimming the footage itself is optional.


thank you for your help! I will try that.


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