EdgeSmooth - Free, open source smoothing plugin


EdgeSmooth is a free, open source plugin that makes smoothing in 3dsmax a lot easier. It allows you to smooth an editable poly by setting edges to “hard” or “soft”. A “hard edge” means that the faces using the edge share no smoothing groups, a “soft edge” is the opposite. This will probably feel familiar to Maya users!

-The plugin uses smoothing groups, so you can mix it with using traditional smoothing. It may however change the smoothing groups on all faces in the object!
-EdgeSmooth only works with Editable Poly objects, not with the Edit Poly modifier.
-Take a look at this preview video to see the installation procedure: http://vimeo.com/33974467

The source code of the plugin is made available under the BSD license and can be found here: https://github.com/Pjanssen/EdgeSmooth
Here you can also find information about how to use the plugin through maxscript.

Download EdgeSmooth 1.0 here
To install, drag the .mzp file into 3dsmax and click “install”. Make sure that the extension (.mzp) is not changed!


So it’s been a week or two since I released this plugin and I’m wondering if anyone has found it useful and what might be improved. :slight_smile:


I haven’t tried it yet, but this was always the wierdest thing to explain to Maya users learning Max. Now with this plugin, they should feel right at home. It would be nice to see this get integrated into the Graphite tools.:thumbsup:


Weird that I overlooked this post last week. Looks promising!
If have one question before I try it.

Since we’re using several computers for our renderfarm, I was wondering if installing this plugin on my PC would require an installation on all the rendernodes in the farm in order to work properly.


That will be no problem. The plugin does not add anything to the scene, it modifies smoothing groups directly. So you can safely use it on a scene and then open it on an installation which does not have the plugin installed without getting those “missing plugin” errors.


I’m not doing any low poly modelling right now, but this looks like a fast and easy way to control smoothing. Very good script idea.


It can actually be useful for high-poly modeling too. For example in combination with TurboSmooth and “separate by smoothing group” to create creases.



create gesophere. 4 seg. smooth.
select 5 edges that share a vertex. looks like a star.
unsmooth those edges.
render. looks great.
select the next edge in line with the selected edges. looks like a start twice the width of the first. five straight lines, one shared vert.
render. looks just like the first try.

I don’t ever have to do anything fancy with smoothing so consider me a noob. I was able to get the effect I was after (same as first test, only bigger) by setting groups by hand, so it isn’t that it’s somehow impossible.

If you need pictures, let me know and I’ll try to find some time.


I’ve updated this plugin to support 3dsMax 2013.
Download EdgeSmooth 1.0.1 here


The old website for this plugin is down. You can now get it here though: http://edgesmooth.pjanssen.nl/


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