edgeloop ?!!?!?


i was going through a tutorial on the net when the tutorial tells me to edgeloop somthing.I have no idea what an edgeloop is , anyone to help me ?


Edgeloop is a term coined by Bai Raitt (chief modeller of Gollum). It’s a modeling technique where you place your polygons around muscles so that they get well defined as well as deforms correctly. Visit his site at spiraloid



the edgeloop you are asking about is really nothing more than a command. While i would suggest reading as much as you can about edgeloops, what you are actually asking about is a command which selects a continuous string of edges, usually terminating the selection at the juncture of edges numbering 3 or 5+ edges.
Where the command can be found depends upon your application, which may are may not have this capability built in.


Here are a few sites with more information:




Good Luck.


thak u guys for ALL your help

Goon : i am using maya 4.5 so how do i access the edgeloop tool or command.

nelsonartmd : thankx for the websites i will go thorough them as soon as i finish this post. thankx once again

Graf Orlok : that is one good forum :thumbsup:


Edit Polygons->Selection->Select Continguous Edges

or better yet, google for MJ poly tools
This also gives you edge ring and split with slide tools.


So glad I found this post. I think I was following the same tut. The one with the head… anyhow, I’ve been scouring the 'net for hours looking for info on this edgeloop stuff. Guess I should have checked here first :surprised

I’m using 3DS Max 5 and I have the same problem… how can I perform an edgeloop?

Much thanks-47


I have no idea. But thanks to the handy search mechanism located beneath the cgtalk banner, you just might be able to find out:
edgeloop:3dmax forum search


Ah, yes. The CGTalk search. Tried it before I posted here and found that the seemingly relevant results did not contain what i was looking for.

Thanks for the suggestion nonetheless.



torso/body edge loops?
don’t suppose anybody knows of any diagrams/pictures like the topology thread for heads…but for the edgeloops on a torso or body?



As far as diagrams of the body, you could look at people’s wireframes to get some general ideas. The more traditional approach would be to study anatomy… not just how the muscles are arranged, but also how they flow.
The most helpful thing for me was to sculpt a figure. Being able to turn a figure in you hand, and analyze the musculature up close is better than any reference pic. :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah i know what you mean…i’ve been having trouble getting my head around the fact i’m tempted to model the musculator layout and yet i know thats not the only influence on deformation…just wanted to know if anybody had any good examples of layout…as i would imagine if its anything like the head it will vary from modeller to modeller…

(as to sculpting it…i guess…but my practical skill set like that just doesn’t exist…so i’m gonna have to go with digital 3d sculpting for now…heh heh…cheers though.)


I’m actually working on something that (hopefully) will be useful- an online modeling journal, since there’s a general lack of material on modeling the body with edgeloops.
I don’t know how long it’ll take, ince I’m still trying to figure it out myself :shrug:


well thats a resource i would think would be very useful…judging by the interest in the topology thread which just mainly concentrated on heads…and not body.



There’s one out there that actuall talks about edgeloops and character setup but I can’t find atm.

And then theres this: http://staff.ci.qut.edu.au/~barkerc/Final%20PAN%20website/charactersetup.htm


thanks goon i should have remembered that faun one…its way over the top for what i want…but i think i will revisit it anyways…
mind blowing stuff.:thumbsup:


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