Edge to spline possible?



Im in need of some advice about turing a group of edges into a spline. Is this possible in max4 or am i being silly?
If i wanted to make clothing or some glasses for a sub-d model with nurbs, Can i shapemerge a spline onto it and then turn the resulting edges into a spline again so i have a perfect fit with the sub-d model? Maybe im thinking to complicated…
Any help is appreciated.

Cheers, Nelis

P.s. more or less related, is there a way to have splinelike control over a sub-d model and still have the possibility to sub_d model it?


There are MEL scripts that do this in maya, you could open those up, see how the authors did it and see if you can make something similiar with maxscript.


Im sortof scripting challanged :rolleyes:
Any change someone already did this and is willing to share their script with me…?
Well, maybe i should give it a go and increase my scripting skillz in the proces. Hope it works out. Thx for the advice !


Its been awhile since I used max but couldn’t you use vertex snap and trace the spline over the edge? Maybe a little more time consuming than push buton turn to spline but…


This works very well indeed :slight_smile:
Thx alot!


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