Edge Slide tolerance


This seems to be an issue in all versions of c4d for me. If I try to use the “edge slide” function (which I use 500x per day) the initial tolerance sometimes goes all wacky.

Like instead of a small little move it starts with -700% which makes it un-usable.

Scale doesn’t seem to fix the problem.

Anyone know how to fix this? It also seems much less reliable in ortho views, and will sometimes work normally if I switch to perspective view.



Is your Offset Mode default set to Proportional? I get extreme results with that on.


I switch between proportional and fixed constantly so didn’t notice which was doing that.

Appears proportional is the one with the wacky behavior.

at least that helps a little, thanks Jamal!


I get this too with proprtional but I need it sometimes, so the trick is - let it freak out, undo, zoom in closer & change camera angle. In most cases this gets it acceptable. You can also use the % slider/ box for precise changes if it really won’t play ball.


it’s weird but you don’t have to touch the edge at all. It seems to function like you were dragging the slider. Just click away from the object and move the mouse left-right and the edge(s) move predictably. At least in my usage.


I was aware of this yes, but it doesn’t help normally. It’s just very glitchy. Sometimes things work, other times they don’t.

thanks for the replies