Edge loop smoothing


Starting with my low poly model I shape the face (this is a toon model I am refering to) then begin to add details such as the mouth and eyes. The head is a balloon shape, I want to retain this shape while adding the details.

The problem I encounter is when adding edgeloops the area is flattened out due to the increase in detail, I wish to keep the roundness created in the original shape.

Anybody know any profound solutions to this other than moving each new point into position?

Unfortinately I do not have any web space to post some pics of what the heck I’m talking about. I will see what I can do when I get home.

thanks, Matt

btw - I am looking into spherizing script as a possible solution…


a lattice.


it’s all about the order of operations.


read under body topology thread, theres tons of info for you.


if anyone finds the answer for this topic in the body topology thread :
could you please tell us in a few words ?
i dont have time to read selectively 33pages of info :expressionless:
(for this little problem)

but i’m very interested about this as well :slight_smile:
(its better to answer things twince than not to have an answer at all :))
thanks !


a possible solution would be to throw it into wings and use the Tighten function. it essentially tries to pull all verts into a spherical shape. so if you made all of your details, mouth, eyes, etc., then selected the head verts only and tightened them it may provide the results you are looking for.


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