Eddard Stark (Ned) Game Of Thrones, A Song Of Ice And Fire, Tei IKU (2D)


Title: Eddard Stark (Ned) Game Of Thrones, A Song Of Ice And Fire
Name: Tei IKU
Country: Hong Kong
Software: Photoshop

this his the 1st piece of the whole series, I hope you guys enjoy it
there are more characters coming right a way


Wow, intense. Great use of color. That hand brooch on his equipment is a little misleading. For a moment I thought he had his hand over his heart (then what a tiny hand that was). It took a moment for me to figure it out. I love your great use of colors for the face, clothing, and even the background. The falling leaves are really nice. The background just screams “autumn” even if we can’t actually see too much of it. Nice variety of textures as well here on the trees and his clothing (especially the fur).

His neck is a bit indistinct, and I think that your greens on the left side of the face (our left) are a wee bit too strong. Nice facial profile though and well done with the hair and facial hair. The ear looks a little disjointed though (a tad more color values; in terms of shading; to connect it to the face and beard colors would’ve helped). I like how you rendered the lips with the directional brush strokes (it gives them good shape and detail with being overly rendered). Overall, a very strong piece. Keep it up. Great job.


Mega work. Excelent colors!


Very great color on the face and background! Love it a lot and Welcome to CGTalk!


Reminds me of http://conceptart.org/?artist=ruanjiajia with the color you have going on here. It’s a nice style and stands out from the rest of this type of stuff you usually see in the industry.

I will say that the ear is looking a little funky. There needs to be some darker values in the hole area. As it is, the ear looks flat compared to the face because of the lack of darker shadows there. Just a small thing. Thanks for posting!


linainverse23: thanks very much for the critiqs ,t the small hand on his chest is a symbol of his position in the kingdom( the hand) I am sorry it miss guided you, if you were familiar with the story, you might probably gets it, I have to agree with you with the ear part, and thank you, I would make up more better works
and please keep support me

LOBZOV: thank you ,glad you like it.

Victorior: thank you, and really nice to see you here too

Lithriel: thank you a lot too, ruanjia is such a great artist too, and the ear part, I will keep it in mind, please enjoy my coming post too


excellent work , I like your colors a lot…


no problem. I’m glad you liked the critique. good luck with your next piece.


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