Ed Harris, Ekaterina Pushkarova (3D)


Very well done


This is what I call EXCELLENCE
Would like to see more… adding a Wireframe image


I’d like to see him in Abyss 2, he could morph from this face into a sea-creature!


great modelling, amazing texturing.

only 1 thing bothered me just a little. I didnt understand, why the eyes are kind of out of focus? considering the sharpness and clearness at nose and eyebrows, I think, I would be able to see the eyes, not blurry like this?


Damn! This is good :open_mouth:


excellent sculpt !!! bravo


Nice job! Digging the detail!


Looks great and so realistic.
Is it suitable for animating?


Impressive work! Textures are very detail painted. Which render did you use?




Amazingly good work on this.