Ed Harris, Ekaterina Pushkarova (3D)


Title: Ed Harris

Name: Ekaterina Pushkarova

Country: Bulgaria

Software: ZBrush

Submitted: 8th December 2015

Done in ZBrush


Wonderfull works.I like it.


HOly Cow this is amazing. :bounce:


Very good likeness. I knew who it was even in the partial thumbnail. :thumbsup:


amazing…love it.


The eyes look a bit too blurry to me and the beard needs more work (shadows). Lower eyelashes are obviously too symmetrical. Other than that, it’s quite ok.


Very well done, you really captured his eyes well :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


Probably the best 3d portrait i have ever seen…


Really well done! Allrendered in zbrush? Can you show the colour map and possibly zbrush renders used? :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your comments, guys!Yes i will do some WIP images to show you how i made my work.Just give me couple of days.In fact everything is done in Z Brush. Sculpt, poly-paint, render, color corrections and for the editing i used render filters in Z Brush.


this is so realistic, great work!
you make me want to try zbrush now :slight_smile:


same here, knew who it was with the partial thumbnail without having to view the whole thing. well done


Amazing, jaw dropping job!!!




Wonderfull works!!!


Amazing. I love it!


nice work :thumbsup:


Amazing! You have big talent and huge assiduity!


OMG!!! It looks like a photo! :eek:
The skin is incredible well done!


ommgh this is perfect Work. :bowdown: