EcoSystem: Keep plants and rocks at bay


This based on a problem some people are having with trees, rock, or objects showing up in areas they don’t want them to when using Vues EcoSystem.
You can see the problems here. LINK

When using an absolute black and white for EcoSystem distribution you may end up with objects crossing bounderies you would prefer to keep clear. Using DigReal’s example of the problem on another forum (link abve) I set out to remedy that. Here’s the initial test results. It uses multiple maps. One for material distribution (Grass and walkway) and the other in EcoSystem Distribution and Density with basic filters to even it out.
(All image maps are originaly 1024x1024)

and in the case there is the need to create a convergence between gravel walkways and grassy fields, the blurred map works well. The only detail to cover now is pulling the rocks back with either a 2nd image gradient or stronger Filter setting.


Here is the Density Filter settings to pull objects away from the trail

(I couldn’t add images in my original post.) :shrug:


and here´s another solution to the same problem (make sure to use world standard that will solve the problem of eco systems going wild)

here´s a link to a thread explaining it a bit more.


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