Eclipse, Jie Ma (3D)


Title: Eclipse
Name: Jie Ma
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

This is a very long story, about a girl, you may have guessed the end of the story, it is not a good outcome. I have been accustomed to not lose something sad for too long, as most things can all be replaced, right?


Absolutely fantastic image, I love it. I can’t even critique it, because I think it’s perfect the way it is. I love the composition, the colours, the character, the mood. And the best part is the way you’ve made it look like a painting. Incredible work.


Great image!!


Nice surreal piece. Is the sitting man photo or 3d? Also is it me or your portfolio isn’t working? I get redirected to index portfolio page when I click on any thumb in your portfolio :shrug:.


When your world falling apart on you…
This is my interpretation of your piece, maybe caused by what I’m living now, troubles inside me. Ex girlfriend, and stuffs.

Poetic image


Impressive concept, great use of the light.

Pretty good work buddy!





Someone far smarter than me once said that you know you’ve got true art when people make connections between what they’re watching and their own lives and past experiences. I know I did when I saw this. Absolutely stunning, I love it :slight_smile:

I would hang this on my wall. Let us know if there’s a print available!


great image, like it alot. its dynamic and has emotions.


Wow this is Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I will make it my desktop image for months to come. If you ever plan on Selling prints let me know. Great Job!


That image and the details about loosing something, the girl, all those books- it reminds me of the comic Mister Bookseller.

Nice work.


I have to agree with Leigh. This really is an amazing image in everyway. Beautiful work.


I have to agree with the two forum leads. It is such a beautiful and strong piece. I enjoy every single bit of it.

But what really helped putting a big smile on my face, is the fact that, unlike most of the Chinese artist, you didn’t fall into the typical oriental genre. You chose to impact us by creating a unique piece that catches a moment and tells a story. And You did a great job. It’s simple and moody. I can almost see this as the ending of a featured film, the slow motion and sad music. For that, I salute you.

Definitely a great piece that deserves the choice award. Congratulations.


Holy Sh*t! :eek:
Amazing piece of art! Congrats dude!!




Amazing man, i love it!


lovely work. If it was a poster for a film, I’d be seeing it for sure. :slight_smile:


nothing to say except would be great if this makes front


Very cool image! :slight_smile:

Reminds me of the movie Gwai Wik (aka Re-Cycle).


That’s a brilliant render. Very very innovative idea. Really. :slight_smile: