Eb Games and Preorder Nightmares!


Okay, I love videogames just as
much as the next guy but I am really REALLY getting sick of how
videogames vendors such as ebay games and software etc are practically
forcing us to preorder a game if we want it the day it comes out. I
have been anticipating doom 3 for well years and seeing as it has been
delayed a few times I could never rationalize preordering the game.

Now the day has finally come and its August 3rd DOOM 3 HAS BEEN
RELEASED WOOT WOOT. I headed out to the same eb games I have dropped
nearly $4000 dollars at over the past 4 years. This coversation insued.

MSF: Gimme a copy of Doom 3 if its not sold out please.

EB: Did you preorder

MSF: No, why are they sold out?

EB: No we have 15 copies all for preorder customers only.

MSF: well its 8:15 and you guys close at nine how about I come back at
nine when you guys are closing and if the preorder people havn’t showed
up then you can sell me a copy.

EB: two reps laughing and thinking its funny that I want to buy doom 3
so bad
Sorry but we are only selling Doom 3 to preorder customers
today. You can come back tommorrow we are getting another big shipment
and you can buy it then.

MSF: So you have 15 copies right now and your getting a big shipment
tommorrow but I can’t buy doom3 today because its for preorder
customers only? I will come back when your closing and their will be
plenty of copies tommorrow for all the preorder customers who dont seem
to care about this game at all. I understand they payed for it already
but they arnt here isn’t it good business to sell me a copy?

EB: No they didn’t buy it yet they payed 5 dollars to preorder it.

MSF: So you guys are serious your not going to sell me Doom3 because
some guy gave you 5 dollars in advance what if they never show?

EB: Well that happens quite a bit but you still cant buy it until tommorrow.

MSF: Oh I will buy it tommorrow at best buy. insert obsenities here

Is it not getting a bit ridiculous that in order to be able to buy
anything you have to buy it before it even comes out? I can understand
if there was one or two copies left but 15 copies with another shipment
coming in tommorrow. WHAT THE HECK! I have 60 bucks in my hand right
now, I bought your stupid EB card when I dont even buy used games and I
cant buy the game I want and you have right now! This is BS! I watched
the eb and even tried to buy it again at nine when they were closing
the store and they still refused to sell it to me. I will still never
preorder a game because I dont think I should have to pay for something
thats not even shipping yet just to have a chance at getting a copy. I
can understand if there are totally limited numbers of copies of the
game and people that preordered it were lined up to claim there copies
but it was closing time and I can buy one of those copies tommorrow. I
live quite a ways from the mall but after this I have no problem paying
a few extra dollars for gas to buy games from vendors that won’t shun
me and my business for 5 dollars when there are obviously going to be
enough copies to go around.

What do you guys think? I can be a hothead at times but driving 30
minutes to be told I can’t buy a product that the vendor has pisses me
off. Especially after shopping at their store and spending my hard
earned cash there for years. I can handle the fact that my GMR
subscription never came but this is to much.


I completely agree and feel exactly the same way. While I usually pre-order games I anticipate, I still have my Half Life2 preorder rotting in my wallet. So I wasn’t too anxious to preorder this.
So I run around all day looking for this game, CompUSA weren’t putting their copies on the shelves until tomorrow for some reason.

Oh well, I’ve waited this long, a little longer won’t hurt me too bad.


I had the sienfield experience(failed reservation!).

I pre ordered from a gamecraze once and they sold all thier copies. So it was pointless for me and I was asking them to explain why I pre-ordered it, when I come in and all copies are gone!

either way you can’t win. but what has always bugged me about games is the due dates as well. this store has it today, that store will have it tomorrow.


EB games are screwey with preorders full stop. There’s only ONE game I’ve ever got from a preorder from those guys, and that was Onimusha 3, and I didn’t get the bonus making of DVD for it which is why I preordered in the first place!

Case in point:
I preordered “Disgaea: Hour of Darkness”. The day came and went when they were supposed to contact me, so I called them:

Me: “Hi, I just wanted to check if my Disgaea preorder came in.”
Him: “Let me just check… nope sorry, we only got two in and we already sold those.”
Me: “But I preordered it. Why did you only get two?”
Him: “I don’t know, we just filled the preorder list.”
Me: “So you had two preorders and you got two games in.”
Him: “Yes… now-”
Me: “And you’ve sold both of them.”
Him: “Yes, but-”
Me: “And now you have no Disgaea.”
Him: “Yes. We should be putting in another order for it next week.”
Me: “Why did you sell it if you had it on preorder?”
Him: “I don’t know, it’s just on the records that they’re both gone.”
Me: “Well thanks for that… let me know when it comes in again.”

Three weeks went by and I never heard from them. I went to another shop and bought it off the shelf for $10 less.


i hate pre-orders, and all those other methods of selling things [concert tickets] instead of first come, first serve. i’ve camped out for concert tickets all night and i got awesome seats. fair? sure. ever camped out for tickets to only find out they are doing a lottery and the a-hole who showed up last minute gets the good floor seats?

pre-orders should be online only. and ship them 2-3 days early so all online pre-orders get the game day of [or a little before]. i miss camping out for games/systems and talking to people and trying to stay awake/warm.


I will buy it when I come from siggraph. I really dont care. A games a Game. There no like a big hype about it. and its no use to but it now when there are like tonnes of people waiting in line for it.


Um no big hype for Doom 3? The last game I played all the way to the finish was Doom 2 and that was like 6 years ago. Where do you live Drk?

Killer avatar Stimpy :slight_smile:

Unled I have my preorder for HL2 also. You remember last septemeber when they actually had those big boxes for it all over videogame stores and then they were like sorry no can due cowboy and your preorder is nonrefundable unless you want to use it for store credit.


Unfortunately these days it seems that if you really want the game on release day, the only way to get it is to preorder. I personally don’t have a big problem with it.


Hey, at least you didn’t get the shaft from waiting in front of K-Mart overnight, or in total, 9 hours, in the freezing cold. Waiting in line, which I was second by the way, for the release of the PS2. Then have them telling me that it’s going to be a raffle.

Who got a PS2 you may ask? Not the chump that waited all night for it, but some brat that came in 2 minutes before the raffle tickets were finished being distributed.


[msf] vbmenu_register(“postmenu_1485173”, true); That is US thing, everything here is like that, which pisses me off quite a lot of times. Happaned to me (not with games) quite a lot of times.


I think raffles are pretty ridiculous as well but with Hardware such as the PS2 or XBOX whatever I can understand preordering a bit more as it is harder to manufacture then a CD. There are never any shortages of DVDs for new movies (which are ten times more popular than PC games) I havn’t had a problem buying any of these, but increasingly more and more I am finding game specific vendors such as EBgames trying so hard to secure a sale they will shun perfectly good customers at their stores. I can’t buy the game in the store today but they have no problem selling it to me on their website? What sort of market strategy is this?

There was no shortage of copies just a buncha greedy old men getting me back for never preordering games from their store. I guess its not enough to buy things the store carries but I have to buy things that they are going to carry in the future.

And City we will lead the mob to Kmart just as soon as we are done at EBgames :slight_smile:


This happened to me, with the PS2 and i took my pre-order money back and I havent bought a PS2 just to spite sony for holding back stock to pretend they sold out on launch.

And for games I now dont buy from stores for 2 reasons,

  1. you have to make a comitment before the games out and pre order it,
  2. Its marked up in price by about £10 or 25%

So i now preorder online, with places that

  1. Let you cancel right up to shipping day
  2. dont pre sell more than they have coming in.
  3. Dont take any money till it ships
  4. dleivers it to your dorr for free or very little
  5. Dont mark up the price.

Since then the only games i get from GAME(uk’s EB) Are second hand or really cheap ones.


Its funny the different responses I have recieved on this forum as compared to the 3dbuzz forum. I felt like I was taking crazy pills reading all the response I get over there.


Funny had the same experience yesterday with Doom 3 and EB. Went over there, do you have it yes but its preorder only, if you want you can still pre-order it and we will get it to you wednesday.

But I can go buy it NOW at best buy without the attitude… or wait till Friday and get it for ten dollars less at circuit city… Yeah let me sign up for that pre-order right now!


I guess its that infintesimal amount of power they get to flex twice a year.


While I can sympathize with your argument, having worked retail before, I can also see where EB is coming from. Having a truck SCHEDULED to come in tomorrow doesn’t necessarily mean a truck WILL be coming in tomorrow. We usually didn’t get trucks in until about 3 or 4 pm and didn’t get the merchandise out on the shelves until about 6 or 7 pm. While its unlikely they have to take into consideration that all 15 preorderers come in to get the game the next morning before the truck arrives. EB would much rather piss off 5 people like you (who didn’t reserve) than tell even 1 person who DID reserve that they sold off their game to some other impatient person without a reservation.

And don’t get pissed at the people who work there. If something happens to the truck (traffic, crash, delayed, ect) and one of those 15 preorders aren’t filled because those employees sold one of them, then that employee could lose their job. They are just doing what they are supposed to be doing. Im sure you were not the first person in that day wanting to buy the game without a preorder.


I don’t think it was a lack of copies because truck or no truck I could buy the game from them on wednsday regardless of preorders. EB just chose to make August 3rd preorder only.
Up to a point I understand where they are coming from but it seems like EB is rewarding people who can afford to preorder and turning away those of us who cant afford to pay for something that isn’t there yet. It used to be first come first serve and now its who can afford to give up their cash sooner. I felt like a damn bum being turned down like that.


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