Eat Paintchips


Still a WIP. There’s a lot of parts I need to to clean up. But I’d really appreciate any comments & critiques. I plan on adding some sound effects and making a simple set as well.

For the ending, I think I’m gonna have the middle guy glance back at the blue shirt guy and then the bottle slowly slides off his finger and lands on the guy on the ground.

edit: Latest update, March 13 -


haha, thats really quite good. The motions look really fluid and expressive. Can’t wait to see it finished. But it seems wierd since only have 1 sound clip.



That was pretty funny. I’ve got a couple of suggestions for it.

When the line “Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid” is said it seems kind of unclear where the focus is supposed to be. The first time I watched it I was still looking at the guy with his finger in the bottle because he was the one doing all the major movements. For a second I was confused about who was talking because there was nothing visually to draw my attention to the speaker.

This could probably be fixed by making the guy with his finger in the bottle stop doing major movements just before the guy on the right starts talking. And for the guy talking, have him make some sort of change in pose before he starts talking to draw attention to him and shift the focus of the viewer, rather then keeping him in roughly the same pose the whole way through. Remember that viewers can only focus on one thing at a time.

My second suggestion is a more minor thing. When the guy on the left gets knocked to the floor, the timing isn’t quite right. Right when he gets hit by the bottle and before he falls to the ground there’s a pose that he holds for a few frames. I know what you were going for but it goes by too fast and looks almost like a glitchy mistake in the animation. Either hold that pose for longer, or just make him fall right to the ground in one motion.


Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I’ll work on it all. Ya I can totally see what you mean about the ending as the guy is falling now too. And yes I plan on adding some sound effects


I was also watching the ending when the guy on the left is knocked over.

I think he needs more time to fall, it almost happens too fast, and it doesnt have the impact it could have. I almost watched it the first time totally focused on the center character, and barely noticed he even knocked anyone over!
I see the hold you have on the left guy in mid-fall, and maybe you need to extend this before the final fall a few more frames.
And for the fall, after he is out of the shot, I think more of a take from the center character would make the fact he knocked the guy over funnier, because currently, the guy falls over so fast, and then the animation is basically over, so you dont even have time to take it in. When I watch it in slow motion, the hit is much more satisfying!

Another thing I noticed is right before the center character loses grip of the bottle, the final struggle is almost totally in the horizontal plane. I think you could make it much more of an interesting hit, if you would bring the bottle up around to the head level, so the elbows make a diagonal line, and also so the blue shirt character isnt blocking the center’s silhouette. Then when the bottle/hand goes flying it will have more of a arc as it hits the character


Thanks so much for all the suggestions so far. They’re a big help.

Here’s my latest update. Still some parts I want to smooth out. And I’m not too sure if the end reads perfectly either. Let me know what you think. Thanks again!


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