EAT ME!, Johnny D. Wicked (2D)


Title: EAT ME!
Name: Johnny D. Wicked
Country: USA
Software: GIMP

Tools Used:
the GIMP 2.6 and Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet

About Concept
I had a plant and either a honey bee or butterfly in mind when I started to paint this. I then chose a Venus fly trap and a butterfly. It’s a strange combination when I thought of it but it serves a purpose. It has a twist. The title is titled, “EAT ME!”, but who is trying to eat who in such a desperate situation?

A butterfly survives by feeding off nector from flowers and the Venus fly trap, in this case, feeds off another flying insect.

At first, I had this scene take place on land but then again, I wanted to make it feel like a desperate situation where both species are stranded alone in the middle of the water; thus, this situation supports my title. It’s practically, survival of the fittest.

I added a twist in this concept so it is up to you to decide who is the evil or the good one. Of course, the one devoured, dies.

Wow, this is my first digital painting done in the GIMP other than Photoshop. the GIMP is such an awesome program which is powerful and completely free. You can go download it yourself. In the beginning I criticized the program but the program has finally fixed the bugs and now it is awesome. Though I still prefer some things added to it since it’s open source and anyone who knows how to program can add the extra useful features like free canvas rotation (a must have) and the ability to change the full image size from 300 to 72 dpi for the final output without any problems.


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