EasyTrees- Art-directable Procedural Plant Growth System



Hey Guys,
Presenting EasyTrees- Art-directable Procedural Growth System:

  • One Click Procedural Growth of Selected Branch Hierarchy & Leaves
  • Unlimited Multi-level control over Branch & sub-branch growth timings
  • Art Directable controls - timing, speed, randomization etc
  • On-the-Fly Realtime results.

Available on Gumroad: https://gum.co/EazyTreez
Thanks for Watching…!!


i love your work, keep going. also your gumroad link is down!


This looks really cool!

I am curious about the botany involved, however. Are you able to set leaves to be sky-sensitive? Any phyllotaxy involved? I’m used to using Onyx to create my trees, which in Maya means no animation without serious work, but for stills they’re great. PlantStudio is also good but I find it a bit more tedious. I’ll give yours a shot and see how it stacks up!


this looks great!


Gumroad link is still down? It’d be nice to try this one out!


I think it’s this one:
Looks a little pricey for mey, would have loved to give it a try. Curious if there’s a trial of some kind. If you play with it can you share your thoughts?


Yes, a trial version would be nice.

But it certainly appears to be worth the money. I just need more information about the foliage, phylloyaxy, and specifics to know whether it would work for me or not. For example, to populate a forest would I still be “freezing” trees with no animation and then instancing several versions of each tree, like I already am? What about leaf types, and arrangement? Can I make a proper maple? Are the leaves sky sensitive?