EasyTrees- Art-directable Procedural Plant Growth System



Hey Guys,
Presenting EasyTrees- Art-directable Procedural Growth System:

  • One Click Procedural Growth of Selected Branch Hierarchy & Leaves
  • Unlimited Multi-level control over Branch & sub-branch growth timings
  • Art Directable controls - timing, speed, randomization etc
  • On-the-Fly Realtime results.

Available on Gumroad: https://gum.co/EazyTreez

Thanks for Watching…!!


Title is missing the following text: “for Maya”.


Agreed, so many making add-ons for Maya/Max, but so few making standalone apps. Personally still looking/waiting for something similar to TreeSketch 3.0 ( https://vimeo.com/68195050 ) that stopped working in iOS 8 …