EasyObjectID V2


Hello everyone, I’m proud to introduce a new version of my plugin EasyObjectID.
It allow you to set Object Id from your scene to your render settings in one click !

For more informations please visit https://gr4ph0s.github.io/EasyObjectId_V2/
Preview Video

Download links
[li]Copy into your plugin folder

Windows and Mac R16 +
[li]Cinema 4D (ProRender - Standard - Physical)
[/li] [li]Redshift
[/li] [li]Arnold
[/li] [li]Octane (Object ID - Layer ID)
[/li] [li]Vray (1.9 - 3.5)
[/li] [li]Iray
I’m really glad of any any feedbacks, features requests or suggestions.
Then don’t hesitate to contact me at graphos.xyz/Contacts/ or via pm here


Its amazing! than you very much!
Do you plan to add RedShift support?


Redshift is already supported ! :wink:


Thanks for Vrayforc4d support.
Lots of time saving now…!


Cheers for posting your C++ source code. :beer:
I wish more people would do that.



Hi gr4ph0s,

Is it possible to have it for Cycles 4D also…?



Since Object ID in cycle 4d is only one checkbox to check.
I think not in a near future.

Maybe I will add all the render engines wich works like that corona, thea, cycle for exemple.


great little helper, works perfekt with vray. thank you!


Support for Corona for C4D…?