EasyGlass test


No lights only GI, a noisette connected to environment through “TLHpro Bias & Gain”

“TLHpro EasyGlass” used for the letters.

Trapcode starglow added in Aftereffects.


Nice example AAAron,

Hope you don’t mind me posting in your thread.

Here is my quick test with EasyGlass from THLPro, the spherical objects in the rear are the objects inside the spheres at the front and there are being bent/magnified by the glass material.



Ah - Nice! :thumbsup:

Now we should bug Taron a bit if he has ideas how to speed up Glass rendering in messiah - if you tried out the example scenens, you will have noticed how slow it can be…

Keep those images comming! :bounce:



Not at all, I´m very interested in seeing others results with the TLH pro shaders/nodes :bounce:


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Simple but very nice :slight_smile:

I’ll need to remember and order TLHPro at some point.




What is TLHPro, and how it work?

Thanks in advance



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More quick tests from me, these are some glasses that were rendered in Messiah 2.4 using ‘Easy Glass’ and ‘Ray Type’ nodes from Thomas’s great TLHPro shader collections. Thanks go out to AlexK and Thomas for guidance and assistance, and of course pmG for Messiah


hmm, is it me or is there something a bit off in these renders? im not seeing the glass thickness at the edges and the bottom as well. there should also be a hard edge caused by the refraction of the back crease of the inside bottom of the glass.

what refraction values are you using?


Agreed, those look a bit off. Are the objects doublesided?
It may also help to have some structure on the floor to better be able to identify the problem.

Send me the scene if you want and I will have a look.



Stooch. Thanks for pointing out the anomalies, my refraction values are incoming 1.52 and outgoing 1.00001., I think the problem is more likely geometry, which I will go and look at.

Thomas. I think it time for you to do some technical tutorials, I’d certainly buy. Thanks again and file has been sent.


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wow !

well done Thomas :thumbsup:


Thanks Thomas,

Yeah, the mesh was thrown together (my bad), couple of spline lines, sweep, and cap, took longer to type the file name than make the mesh :slight_smile:

I do remember that caustics were odd when I was experimenting all that time ago, got it work, but didn’t know how.

Sorry you can’t post that scene because of the hdr files and I didn’t get permission from the owner of those files. But if on the other hand you did replaced the hdr files it should be possible, I just need to confirm. In the mean time thanks again for you help and I’m looking forward to the file.



I have replaced the HDRI and deleted all the ones you used.
I remodeled the glass so there shouldn’t be much problem left.
BTW. Those HDRIs are basically public domain by now I think, they are freely available on the web since 99/2000 and also come with Lightwave and other software.

If you are okay with it, I would like to post the file for the public.

Cheers and thanks, I learned a bit more about the wicked ways of the messiah today.



There’s one more caveat, my commission payment on TLHPro sales. :slight_smile:
That’s fine Thomas, please post, hopefully more people will contribute to the community and post work and tests so we can all learn,



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super geil!

am schönsten!