Eastern Girl, Chaohong Liang (3D)


Title: Eastern Girl
Name: Chaohong Liang
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Deep Paint, Photoshop

A girl in ancient costume. Idle time to do it, I really love this role, likewise, we hope you like her,too.
Want your opinions, and very grateful!


Hmm 5* stuff you got here :slight_smile: i like her eyes alot:)


Great Stuff, I like it alot:)


:thumbsup: Bigger image would be nice to show this off, but nevermind.

From what I can make out the texturing on the garments are really good.

The hair could be be better, but it rocks anyway. You piece overall is a good one! good work!:thumbsup:


LiangCN, I approve of your good work here - especially in regard to the clothing, pose, and the face. The effort and labour you put into this really shows! :slight_smile:

Nice expression on the face - formal, but with a personality ‘behind the mask’, if you would. The expression of the eyes saves the face from being too rigid and cold… The hair is reasonable, but needs something to look more lifelike: right now, it’s a bit too much like ‘helmet hair’, if you know what I mean.

My only real gripe is with the hand - it seems a bit too large, in relation to the rest of the body. This is really an anatomical question: I could be off-base on this.

You are doing good wotk here LiangCN: keep on going, and improving your art!


Thank you very much .
Add a few images.


I am very poor standard of English
I can understand your views, but I can not answer.
Your views I will seriously consider. Thank you very much!


nice work,
the one thing that Kills it for me is the Hand, it looks too big, unless this is a man dressed as a lady, shrink the hands about 35 to 40 % to make it natural.


love your work, she’s beautifull!
very great details and a very sweet pic., like her eyes…
clap clap clap!


Ni hao to China!

Beautiful image and character! :thumbsup:
Care to show us the wires? :slight_smile:


beautiful work , yeah show us the wires :thumbsup:


Wonderful image and you can almost feel she is thinking :slight_smile:

As mentioned, the hand is a bit too large and man-like. I think you need to make it smaller and more feminine. The hair also feels a little dull and by bringing up the highlights/shine I think the hair will look more lifelike.

But overall it is a great image that only need a few minor tweaks to bring it even further. Great work! :slight_smile:


So beautiful :love: Cheer ! your character is very soft, her face is fine, and her clothes are beautiful with many details !


Nicely done but other than what Arnek mentioned, maybe look at the fold on her left sleeve. It could use a bit more shadowing and creases to make it more realistic?


amazing works!!!


Very nice! Shes beautiful. 5 Stars!:thumbsup:


Just amazing work,from modeling texturing lighting,details,mood.

5 Stars for sure!:thumbsup:


You Done A Amazing Job …


LiangCN:Very already saw in CDV this picture, the very good work,keep on going!


woow gooood and beautiful work 4 star **** :))