Eastern Diaojiao Lou, Ke Chen (3D)


Nice work and keep it!


great details and colors.
I like it very much.


hi! nice.非常喜欢你的作品,虽然我不会3dmax…以后交个朋友. 我qq148088109


very well done…


Love the idea of alternative history “what-ifs”. I also like the colors very much! Regarding the boat, it just needs some wake behind its rear and waves around. Here it looks as if it was not moving against the water.

Good luck wit your next works!


Yes, I have for my boat on the water works, the impact of not properly handled, I am also very sorry. I will be corrected later, thank you for your suggestions, I as a student I will continue to improve themselves.


Stunning work in every detail…


wow!! I simply love the architecture.


Wow, that is an amazing picture. I’ve been thinking about doing sth like that. Your work is just great. Can we see a wire please?



Really amazing…!!:thumbsup:




beautifully done :thumbsup:


The buildings are great and the sky is remarkabel (the clouds are my favorite). However, the water looks a bit too metallic to me.


Just awesome!
Great concept and execution.


Very nice work, I think the main issue with the boat is the super crisp and undistortet raytraced shadow that seperates it from the water too much.





有兴趣交个朋友哦,我qq 20010520


It worths 5 stars.




Thank you, I also need to continue learning and to thank all of my views to the people. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: 谢谢你们。