Eastern Diaojiao Lou, Ke Chen (3D)


Title: Eastern Diaojiao Lou
Name: Ke Chen
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

I am a traditional Chinese art and architectural art comparison favorite, especially the Diaojiao Lou ancient Chinese architecture. I use the virtual 3 D software to my ideal world in the ancient Chinese world. 3 Ds Max and use VRay, with the latter part of Photoshop.


Hi guy. I like it very much! This is what I like the feeling… 5 stars!


First of all, I like this. The tower structure is brilliant. I also like your colours.

One thing that catches me is that the boats seems to rest on the water and not in it.


good job - unrealistic exterior like view in computer game - good job


very good work 5 stars from me:)


Really nice work mate, fantastic style :cool:, keep up.



Really nice job!


amazing work, so many details and cool lighting 5*


[left]Fantastic work!


-Really lovely work, great details and sense of height and depth. My only crit is that some of the textures repeat a bit and look the same. Prob not a big deal but that’s what caught my eyes… Keep up the great work…


Awsome work my friend


Gorgeous work here :slight_smile:
I especially like the painterly look of the clouds and the small details you’ve added. It might be nice to add some human figures for a bit more detail but over all this is lovely.


very detail.
great concept too.


Thank you all very much for giving me that valuable advice! I continue to work. Thanks!


WOW . nice work .


You got 5*. I’ve nothing to add.


lovely concept




什么时候我才能有你这样的水平啊???我想不可能了吧, 呵呵,顶 往死里顶.


帮你顶啊 ,做的很好啊