Easter Connections (my attempt at a comic strip)


I had this idea a while ago, and finally decided to draw it this past Saturday. Since it took me the whole day to get it this far, I think it’s safe to say I won’t be doing comics professionally :stuck_out_tongue:


This is good! It looks very polished, which i guess is what took all day to achieve. The expressions are cool. The only crits I have are the hands look too large in all of the cells, and the boobs are swinging way too much is the second cell. I realize you want to make her look like she’s turning toward the cross with the hair and breasts, but I would increase the movement effect on the hair and decrease it on the breasts. I’m sure if you made more comic stuff you would get a lot faster.


hahaha, I like it alot! :scream:
Very polished and funny. I’d also say speed comes with practise.


Yeah, I tend to draw hands a little larger than normal. It’s either a style thing, or I need more practice :stuck_out_tongue:
Overall, not much planning went into the drawings, I basically inked my thumbnails.
If I do another, I’ll have to give myself enough time to actually do things properly :wink:


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