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I will be studying M.S Technology (Digital Media) at East Tennessee State University, Johnson City this August. I’ll be focusing more on modeling and texturing. This would my first time ever going to the U.S. I’ll be getting a Wacom Intuos soon. Also, I’m thinking of taking my desktop computer(high conifig…) with me. Do you think it’s a good idea? or It’s better to get one over there. Is it necessary to get a laptop for classes?


Hi Dan,

I graduated from East Tennessee State a little less than two years ago and really enjoyed my time there. The computer labs are open late and one of the labs equipped with Cintiqs; so you might not even need the intuos right away. You won’t need a laptop for classes; bringing your desktop is up to you… bringing it with you sure seems like the cheaper option.

Good luck!


Wow, haven’t seen this schools name on here in a long time. I went there in the late '90s back when it was being taught by Jeff Morris and Neil Owen. Was a great school back then, incredibly difficult, but extremely successful. We had something like a 95% employment rate. I haven’t been back there since '99, so no idea what it is like now, but I know Jeff and Neil are both elsewhere. The group I started with in the program was about 25 students, and by the time our group finished I think we were down to under 10 people. The classes were brutal, but extremely effective and nearly everyone got good jobs. I still keep in touch with most if not all of my former classmates, and all but one of the jobs I’ve had came from networking with them. Several are still at Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Valve, Sony, Kojima, Weta, Digital Domain, ILM, and a few other places.

I was there back when it was all SGIs running PowerAnimator and Softimage. We did get Maya 1.0, one or two semesters before I left. Ah memories. Let me know if the cinderblock lab has air conditioning now, it was unbelievably hot back then. Good luck…


Thank you so much for your replies.

CPFitz14 - Thank you CPFitz14 for your adwise and much appreciated. It’s really good to know the computer labs are equipped with Cintiq’s. Also, I’m thinking of bringing the CPU and get a Monitor there. If I’m not mistaken, this is you…right? - http://etsudigitalmedia.com/future-students/ (Former students section) . Congrats :slight_smile:

unparent - Thank for your reply. It seems like there is a lot of nostalgia. Good to hear such positive comments about the program/college which really motivates me. I will definitely let you know if there’s Air conditioning in the cinderblock…haha :smiley: .

College starts on 23 August. Now, got to look for a place to stay.

btw, Amazing works :slight_smile:


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