Early Model Porsche 928, Alec Moody (3D)


Title: Early Model Porsche 928
Name: Alec Moody
Country: USA

The car is an early model Porsche 928 euro. The final polygon count is near 4.8 million. Over 1 million are in the Porsche badge which can be seen in more detail below. I shot the locations at the highway 21 drive-in in Beaufort SC and on Table Mesa rd. in Boulder CO. This project was a total of 3 months of work. Polygon Modeled in Max 9, rendered in V-Ray. The HDRI, backplates, geometry, and materials are all original content.

additional images:


Both locations with backplates are available for non commercial use to cg-cars.com members.

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not sure why nobody commented on this :curious: , great stuff man , keep it up :thumbsup:


here are those extra images embedded:


Wow fantastic looking renders of a great car! and while I think 1million polys for the badge is excessive, it looks great. Nice work.




…Well damn. Looks awesome, and the poly count is absolutely astronomical! That many in the badge? How many poly stacks are in one of the little bumps on the background of the badge?


excellent work!
but the sign could have easily been a normal map low poly model…


very good work & amazing real image he is true i like it 2 much but the black porsche he is speed but without drivre ??? ok

good luck 4 ever :beer:


looks nice render


Great work!

Only comment is on the first render, the rim looks a little bright perhaps?

Perhaps, buy why not model it for maximum detail and quality? :wink:


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