Early Bird, Adrian Cher (3D)


Title: Early Bird
Name: Adrian Cher
Country: Singapore
Software: 3ds max

Render of a Tyrannosaur taking a morning stroll. Hope to finally get some animation done after this. Spent quite some time rigging and setting her up. Cheers! Crits greatly appreciated.


Awesome work! Both modelling and texturing are superb. The only crit I could give is for the mouth area. The textures there aren’t as convincing as on the rest of the body. But that’s only a minor point. Very much looking forward to seeing it animated! Top job! :thumbsup:


yeah really awesome. im almost unanimous about mouth. the mouth was one of the first parts that came to my eyes. maby it should be more wet, maby:shrug: . and im looking forward for the animation too. great :thumbsup:


I agree for the mouth textures, except this minor point, it’s a great work :thumbsup: and i wait for the animation :).

Georges. :slight_smile:


Hey hey another cgtalker from the sunny island of singapore… hi hi…

Anyway… I think it looks really good although there is a small lack of ferocity in the T-rex… can’t put my finger on it but I think it might do with the lazy looking eye and the dry mouth… Oh and since it’s morning, you can add some steam (is it called steam) to it’s breath…

The trees are a photograph?


Thanks for the feedback, i agree, the mouth area bothers me too. I’m gonna try add some dripping sliver for the animation…and maybe like Ervine mentioned some ‘steam’ is a good idea.

Don’t really know when the animation will be done, but i’ll definitely post it when its finished.

Skyraider, you’ve got some awesome warbirds, modelling aircraft in Cg is way better than building kits the old fashion way! We can see them fly.
I’ve posted a P40 Kittyhawk yesterday, it’s somewhere? Some comments from you would be great.

Anyway, here’s a complete sideview render.


I’m not normally a fan of dinos becuase you see so many, but this is absolutely first class! Great texturing and integration into the background, though I do agree with the comments about the wetness of the mouth.

Looking forward to the animation!


Exelent Work::thumbsup:


Top class work …
Could star in Jurasic park-IV


it can’t be better!!
damn it looks beautiful!

respect :bowdown: for the textures and the overall scene!


Wow! Fantastic work. First rate texturing (any chance of a tutorial??).

The trees and landscape are perfect. How did you accomplish that???

I’ve been working on some dinos myself (see website link below), but definiely not of your caliber.

Keep us posted on updates!


the model is great and background to, good work:thumbsup:


Wow, thanks for the compliments guys, thought dinos were extinxt already.
I could post some shots of wires and the rig that actually shapes the mesh to form the muscles and ribs etc… The skin actually slides over these when animated. ???

Found my Kittyhawk… it’s at


Adrian: That would be great. Any and all insight would be appreciated.

Did you use Absolute Character Tools for anything?

And any info on your environment would be great, too. Trees, plants, lighting…



sweeeet…i always love dinos…very nice and confincing renderwas the background photo taken somewhere in redwood forest or muir woords or something?

very good work and waiting on the animation

greets niels


great work:thumbsup:
…5 stars from me:)


ah this is !#@! great. i have no crits!

hey you the guy from singapore too!


I love the attention to detail, you get the feeling it has muscle and bone underneth.
Very good work, Incredible texture!
How long did this take?

I am interested in the Tyrannosaurus too, if you wish to see athother. T-Rex anotomy study


:thumbsup: Cool work.


Awesome. I love the detailing around the eyes. I kind of like the side view better right now cause we can see her in all of her glory.