EALA Interviews Part 2 : Lead Animator Adam McCarthy


"In Part Two of our four-part series we chat with Adam McCarthy, Lead Animator on The Lord of The Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth at EALA. Adam has over 11 years’ experience in the gaming industry – a feat reached by fewer than eight percent of his peers in the entire business. With so much experience, it’s no surprise he is supervising animation at EALA on one of their largest projects. Adam, along with his team of animators, is helping to bring a new level of realism and individuality to each character in the game.

It’s his job to make sure that all the animation you see when you play the game looks good. Adam seems pretty laid back about the whole thing as he plops right down in his chair ready to answer some questions for me. I’ve got lots of questions, so let’s fire away!"

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Another great interview Joe, really enjoying these. I’m interested to know if the horses galloping into the streets of Gondor in the trailer are still being worked on or are they finished. The work that I have seen so far has some really great stuff in it.

This is something I posted the other day, I’m not sure if it got lost, but it relates to the subject of injecting character emotion into the game, discussed in this artcle.

LOTR - BFME. EA Games - Video Diary #1.

This is a link to a page that has 2 links to a streaming video presentation by Mark Skaggs Vice President and Executive Producer at EA Games, showing the work being put into the LOTR - BFME (Battle for Middle Earth RTS) to give the games characters emotional reaction to situations in the game. It shows 5 mins of video, about 3 different facets of character AI.

The video is the 8th in this list titled

"Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth
Inside The Battle Vol. 1 (19 MB) "

There is a quicktime link and a Media Player link.

There is a higher res version here on GamersHell (89mb)

I only found this by accident, but I’m sure we will be seeing more of these as the games release date gets closer, so if you see any more please add them to this thread.


DogBreath, I think they are continuing work on all of the art until the game ships. It is highly likely that anything you’ve seen could potentially be better at shipment. Having seen some of the footage first hand, I have to say that I was very impressed, and I am really looking forward to this game.

I’m glad you enjoyed the interview! I actually had a long interview with Mark Skaggs, the VP at EALA. He’ll be featured in Part 4 of the series. I honestly think that they are very excited about this game and what it could do for the RTS genre. I know I am!



Hey thanks Joe, these are great interviews.


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