E.T.A. by JUNK - Animated Short


I expected that someone or something comes trough that door. When i saw alien i though “oh boy i know where this is going again” But when i realized that it was the coffee machine i was wtf… ???

I start laughing because i really did not expect that. And i think it was genius to implement the alien because we all know that monster. When i saw the alien i expected some typical alien killing action. I did not expect coffee :smiley:


Smart & Funny, excelent work!!

My compliments!!



Thank you all for your comments!

I’d like to make a small credit shoutout to Michael for the detail work he did on several of the shots throughout the film. He did wonders with his paintovers of scenes that had a locked camera - here’s an example:

Cheating - some might say, but isn’t that what it’s all about? :wink: I certainly love what he did for the shots he had the opportunity to run through the photoshop mill.


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