E.T.A. by JUNK - Animated Short


Thanks for all the comments and feedback.
It’s allways nice to hear what people think -good or bad.

After all the hard work we put into it it’s also nice to see our little short getting plugged for the frontpage.

Again thank you all.


Glad to see this posted I also saw this via Breakpoint live stream. I loved it and still do, I show it to all my friends :smiley:


That was simply amazing I was on the floor when I saw that the alien was the coffee machine, very funny.


Visor66: Thank you!
Vray was used for rendering everything. Primary used features were sss skin on Marvin (the pilot), displacement on his shoes and max standard lights with vray area shadows.

For the entire interior of the cockpit I set up a dome light setup which was baked into all of the static models (excluding the props) and enabled as selfillumination for each material on a very subtle setting. However, if I were to do the lighting and the whole setup from scratch I would not have done this, as I believe the effect is near negligible in the end. Plus it it was horrible to patch up through a variety of scripts for sub-materials and had to be baked at the highest level of subdivisions set for each model to end up right (meaning about twice the scene size due to automatic unwrapping on all interior models).

In short: No GI. Baked occlusion maps. Don’t go there. :slight_smile: - at least not the way I did.

ChristianW: Thanks a lot :slight_smile: - and I’ll tell Jesper and Thomas you said hi!

And thank you all for all your encouraging comments - and critique as well! We truly appreciate all of it.

  • And thanks to Roberto for giving us the plug!


Wow. That was awesome. =)


Brilliant! Now, where do I get one of those coffee machines? :buttrock:


very good work i hope goodluck :love:


amazing short man ! very nice ! i loved, impressive …


Amazing short, and the story, I laughed so hard! xD
Always loved the alien movies, and the moviestyle is just an excellent tribute to it! :smiley:


Excellent work:thumbsup:




Alien == CoffeMachine; HAHAHAA did not see that coming :smiley:



that was amazing!! I want a robot alien coffe machine :slight_smile:


Really nice job guys:thumbsup:

My only crit with this animation is your main character! i think hi dosent fit to this animation very well, this dude look's like bad 3d character from TurboSquid:sad:  

Everything else is amazing a specially ship and alien! i would love to see some wip renders from that cool looking alien:)

im still going to give you guys [b]*****[/b]:thumbsup:


really good work on the whole piece i can only hope i become half as good as you guys.


I have to agree with ivanisavich about the story. It felt predictable, either this is a setup for a gag or a set up for what you were trying to be abvious about. Also was pretty upset that you guys didn’t try and design your own alien design. I give you props for all your hard work though. It looks absolutely amazing with everything you did



Also was pretty upset that you guys didn’t try and design your own alien design.

Ehm the whole point was that it was supposed to be recognized as the giger alien. The pilot surrounds himself with homages to great popculture (weyland/yutani logo, OCP logo etc.).
The tongue comming out with the coffee… wouldnt be nearly as funny if it was an unrecognizeable robot-design we came up with.

When that is said i designed it using virtually no references since its more or less an interpretation.

We also give giger credit :wink:


Stunningly good! :applause:


I understand why you would want to do that, and I thought about it but it just felt predictable. Although the robot design was kinda cool.


booyah: fair enough :slight_smile: and thx!


I guess spoilers are off at this point(I don’t mean you, just in general), but I’ll use them anyway because it absolutely ruins the short if you have any idea what it’s about:

[spoiler]I suppose they could have made their own design and still be successful, but it’s also what made it enjoyable for me. Not because I like the Alien design or something, but because it made me GROAN when I saw it. Maybe I’m stupid or something, but it wasn’t until the coffee started swarming out of its teeth that it clicked. So I thought it was quite clever. At first i thought it was a ship mate wearing an Alien costume or something, but a coffee maker Alien was classic. It was predictable from a standpoint that you know something is coming…but geesh, what isn’t? It’s a short, it’s obviousl that something is happening.[/spoiler]