E.T.A. by JUNK - Animated Short


Loved it! Outstanding work! It also had the special alien enviroment feeling!



Great Work!Plugged!


I like this very much:bounce:


just perfect!
even the soundtrack is magnificent!
frontpage for sure.


Very well done, congratulations!


WOW! that blew me away! You are a very talented bunch of guys. I look forward to your next piece :thumbsup:


congratz on the really good job! I really liked the lighting. What renderer did you use? And did you use any GI?


Good stuff!



Hahahaha. Awesome. Really awesome.


I think it’s kinda waste your efforts with that ending. It dissappointed me instead of amuse.
I like the style but it’s not fit the story.
Lighting, texturing, modeling and renders are great. I can’t say that for character animations.

Congrats :wink:


Great work! I think it looked beautiful…really strong points for lighting, compositing, etc.

My main problem was with the story…first of all, you implement a copyrighted alien design, really shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to being able to get this short out there (can’t sell it commercially, etc). Also, I thought the ending was “cute”…but it really didn’t suit the epic environments and models created for the short…and it was very anticlimactic.

Anyways…my only gripes were with the story…everything else looked great!


wow! really impressive


It looked really cool, top cinematic quality but I found the story kind of boring and was really expecting more than just a gag that could be part of bigger story.


What if he wants a Danish?
A Dalek rolls in?


great piece.

love it.


Loved it!

You made it work on all the difficult CG levels, but, far more than that, you’re now becoming real storytellers. Way to go. Next stop Hollywood (as it were, and so to speak).

You’ve even made me enviously wish our movie was as sensibly short, so we could finish too!

In fact, you’ll probably have your next one finished long before we can show ours:-(( sigh…

Compensation, though! We can enjoy yours while we wait…and wait…



that anticipation was so good. Such a well done short film. Congratulations.
the only thing I can comment on is that the texture detail in the planet was lacking. That could have been bumped up. More terrain variety.


hehehe … coffee alien-dude … hehehe
good stuff & well done!


Very nice to see it’s finally done, Henrik!
It’s better to see it all in final quality than the halfway-done version, tho :stuck_out_tongue:
Truely deserved the frontpage plug it got :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany
(to the physically smaller fish, too :D)


amazing work man!!. every thing was perfect!