E.T.A. by JUNK - Animated Short



              After nearly 4 odd years of on/off spare time production, our short film [b]E.T.A.[/b] is *finally* [i]done[/i].
             1280x532 - Matroska mkv h264, 75mb: Best quality. Will play in VLC without any extra codecs.
              1280x532 - Quicktime h264, 80mb:
              640x266 - Quicktime h264, 40mb:

Vimeo: Higher resolution streaming.

              The whole setup of the film was the brainchild of [b]Søren (Trenox) Andersen[/b], which we collectively selected to be JUNKs first short film (ending up being our third...).
          The process of working on this massive project has been quite an overwhelming learning experience. Not least in terms of the importance of setting specific goals early on and respecting your own deadlines... :)
           The core JUNK team consisted of [b]Søren (Trenox) Andersen[/b], [b]Michael (DFeKT) La-Cour[/b], [b]Rasmus Kudahl Kaae Munch[/b] and [b]Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen[/b] (me).
              Søren and Michael did modelling + character animation, Rasmus handled the score and most of the sound effects while I directed the film and did the lighting and compositing.
   We used 3ds max, After Effects and Photoshop.
  I would also like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of those who have lent us a hand when we needed it and never gave up on us, regardless of how endlessly this production seemingly stretched. Thank you!!
          We hope you will enjoy watching the film half as much as we've enjoyed making it! :)
          For a bit more info about the production of the film and how it came to be in the first place, you can visit our website and check out our earlier short films and productions: [b][www.junkworks.org](http://www.junkworks.org)[/b]


Wow this was sooo phantastic!
Great and funny storry and absolutely
amazing lighting, and texturing. I loved
the details you brought in every part
of this short. Yust amazing. Thank you
for sharing! Thumbs up!


Bravo! Really nice attention to detail! Love the Coffee Maker!


Haha that was absolutely brilliant, I loved it!

Everything’s very well done especially the lighting and compositing :slight_smile:


Man thats an awsome Short. Beautiful animation and Rendering…


OMG!!..I just love this! I’m a huge fan of Ridley Scott and his style and the instant I began to listen to the score and seeing the cinematography …I saw Ridley and ALIEN written all over it. This is great work! I know there is a lot to say about the texturing, color and the animation and what not; but the score, story, visual style and cinematography really do it for me. Excelent work and hope to see more great work from you in the future!


I know you’ve put a lot of hard work into this, and I really enjoyed watching it on the big screen at Breakpoint this year. There’s really not anything in there that could be done much better - superb work, nothing but love from me :slight_smile:
Should be on the front page!


Fantastic work. Can’t wait to see what my friends come up with next. :slight_smile:

ps. its beyond me why people have to make small spoiler hints.


Great work. Well, you already knew that :slight_smile:


Excellent stuff. Loved everything about it. :slight_smile:


u people should definitely get a front page for that.
it was really nice and refreshing.
really managed to create a nice mood to go with the theme.
and the way u handled that alien cliche was damn smart.
again, congrats for the awesome work
make sure u send it to alot of festivals.


Great stuff. I loved the whole look of the piece and the gag worked a treat. The shear ammount of work gone into it is self evident especially in the details.


nice work.


awesome animation - I love the look and the idea!


This is incredibly well done, and better than some of the “live-action” shorts I see. Very nice attention paid to lighting here. This is coming from a non-cg guy btw.

And I smiled when I saw the Weyland/Yutani Corp text on the monitor. Great touch.

Awesome job guys. I’m a fan.


Beautiful looking short. Nice atmosphere, nice direction, and a good ending.
My very small crit would be that I thought the main character’s face could have been a bit more expressive. But, still a great piece of work.

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


That was perfect.

At first I was like, “well this looks nice and good execution, kind of slow…and…omg, not another…*****…” But then it all comes together just brilliantly making it all work.

Good stuff. I’m also surprised it’s not on the front page either. Probably will be soon.


Great work - I see you have two things on the front page now Søren. You rule =)


Im glad to hear you guys like it. It was a really long struggle to put this thing together, and its hard to know in advance if the gag works or not. But all in all im quite happy with the way it turned out =)


:thumbsup: great animation man 5 stars