e-onsoftware down / dead ?



does anybody know what is going on with e-onsoftware?
Site is down for weeks now. No access to my account, files etc.
Are they out of business without notice?


I found this




I think I read on another CG site, that they were hacked. That was about 2 weeks ago though.


One can only imagine their website was as well-coded and free of bugs as their software is.


Burnt like a Californian wild fire.


Their obsessive anti piracy algorithum flagged their entire website as
being "pirated"and auto deleted it.


They used one of their brilliant non-standard software UIs to maintain their website, and it accidentally turned into a porn site.

The UI was buggy, so the button they had to “de-porn the site” in emergencies did not work properly. Hence the downtime. :smiley:


Their site went down in mid December for … “maintenance”.
Any company serious about their business, and customers, would have found a way to get at least their basic CS functions back up and running within days.
My impression of Vue and Plant Factory is that there is a lot of very interesting tech there, but their marketing is kind of a nightmare. 6 SKUs of a very specialized product which should be collapsed down to maybe 2, and at a much more approachable price point.


They have posted some more information on their Facebookpage. But it’s an awful long time to keep a commercial business website offline.


/ Magnus](https://www.facebook.com/eonsoftware/)


Maintenance and patching of sites and forums is usually done on a mirror site. Then when the mirror is working and bug-free, the changes are ported to the main site. All that minimizes downtime to hours or a couple of days at most. To be down for weeks is very unusual and not very professional IMHO.


They’re rendering the updated site in Vue. Be patient, it could take months!


its still a great software to use i just hope they open a site where we can buy textures and models again


I disagree. It’s among the sloppiest of all the CGI software packages, the least stable, the slowest rendertimes, and very little progress or support for modern computers.

For once it’s too bad Autodesk just doesn’t buy it. Then maybe we’d at least see SOME progress, or integration into other packages. xStream was a joke.


Not to mention that they have switched to subscription only for a software with questionable usefulness.
So basically, customers that have been patients all these years, waiting for the software to catch up with the competition, are now screwed…


I know I’m late on this, but yeah it looks like they haven’t spent a nickel to improve the actual application, but they made sure to spend money to code in a hack to deactivate the thing if you don’t pay them every month…

If you are interested: