i’m working on a video project and i brilliantly storyboarded the idea of animating sheets of paper falling to the ground. the client bought it. so my question is does anyone have any suggestions how to pull this off and make it look believable?

i also need the paper to have some control over how the paper is falling at some points in the script so you can read the text on them and where they land on a desk.

air? gravity? nurbs? polygons? hand puppets? any words of wisom would be much appreciated. thanks.



I would try to use Maya’s dynamic engine … its there for stuff like this!

First I would try to create a dynamic setup for each sheet, perhaps turning it into softbody and add springs will define the shape. then add various fields to the simulation. you could also use some key-frame animation to get that control you need, use goals? original surface…

then add gravity and tweak…

this is a very thin answer but its some ideas that might help you heading in the right direction …

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Maybe this tutorial will help you:

Even though the tuts about the leaves but the technique very similair I think



spitfire_4766 - thanks for the help. i know there’s a bunch of dymanic effects i can use but exactly how to use them… no there’s a task. that’s a good starting point for me though.

aydinu - sweet funky dope. i’ll give the tutorial the ole college try… and if that doesnt work then i’ll yell at the computer for awhile. that usually does the trick.

i’ll let you know if these suggestions work out. thanks again. anyone else with suggestions, i’m still open to them…



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