dynamics in stereoscopic


Hello there

I have one question is it difference between dynamics and dynamics for stereoscopic?. or is the same process.

Thanks in advance


I’ve never test this. But if you have you dynamics chached you should be good to go, since stereoscopic renders are just a composition of parallel cams.


Hey Bro,the fundamental of stereovision is not limited for any particular field.It’s same everywhere.
For Anaglyph Red/cyan is key
For polarized Horizontal/Vertical wave separation is key
for LCD shutter glass Frame rate is Key
To buy 3D glass tryout this Rainbowsymphony
& to get good separation & distance for Left/Right eye just google it for 3D cam formula or buy DT & Gnomon DVD.Hope it will help lot.


ok cool… thanks answer…



depends… some dynamics, such as fluids which use voxels to render can look different at different angles depending on the software, etc…

i heard they had some issues on Avatar like this, where it wasnt as easy as simply rendering with 2 cameras… dont remember the solution though…;


Ok. thank you Howard, I will do more research about this topic…



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