dynamic vertex selection


I’m learning maya and wonder what attribute/node is vertices selection stored in when using tools. For example, I select some vertices, do merge vertices (w/ construction history on). Now I see a polyMergeVert input node into my poly object.

Now what if I want to edit the vertex selection that pipes into polyMergeVert? I can’t find how the selection was transferred into the polyMergeVert. Does a script node or script job help? I’m new to mel so i’m clueless.

If this seems vague, I’m looking for a way in maya similar to the selection modifier in 3dsmax. In max, a volume shape or manual selection of vertices is stored in the selection modifier. The ‘volume shape’ can be animated to move into a mesh, causing the ‘touched’ vertices to become selected. It’s commonly used for like expanding vertex colors, bulging, animated deletion & lots more fun effects.


I found a way specific to a tool, using an expression in a custom attribute in the shapenode. It’s sort of a hack, but it works fast enough in animation.

I tried with polyMergeVert. A hi-res plane with my script, as a test, I selected vertices based on distance to origin, and distance grows with time, so a larger circle of verts are selected at each frame and merged/welded. It looks like a black hole sucking itself in! So fun can’t wait to use this on my coming project.:scream:

I’d still like to know how vertex selection is stored in nodes, to find a generalized method. But I guess this would do for now.


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