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There is a new nParticles Advanced Techniques tutorial that’s been posted to Autodesk webiste. Here’s the link:



Amazing!! thanks xstijn


pretty cool that link :slight_smile:

does anyone have an idea to zdena’s request? I’m facing the same problem.



check this out "How to create a sun in Maya"




Always cool to look at how people are setting things up! Thx!


I create a Particles Goal (video) tutorial : Particles Goal (10 MB)


Since you are listing tutorials involving Dynamics, I thought I would also list some for DMM - our high performance material physics system which is included in Maya 2012. Please be sure to upgrade to Maya hot fix 4 to ensure you have all the latest bug fixes as well as the increased Tetrahedral limit.

Wayne Hollingsworth DMM Tutorials - Destroying columns, Blowing up a phone booth and causing a road to collapse. These are the same ones posted in the Autodesk Area site. Wayne is a VFX expert as well as an instructor at Gnomon.

Shattering the ground with low gravity - Fantastic tutorial by VFX expert Martin Romero on how to destroy a road in DMM. Martin shows how to also make use of gravity control to enhance the destructive look.

Keying DMM Objects - A short tutorial on how to properly key objects for kinematically-augmented simulations.

Welding DMM - With DMM you can weld or glue together objects. Welding is lower overhead and this short tutorial will show you how to make use of this feature.

Splinterizing with DMM - Neat tutorial on how to make use of the DMM “Splinter” feature where you add additional detail geometry to broken objects automatically. Useful for avoiding that “tetrahedral” look.

DMM Wood - DMM is great at simulating anisotropic dynamics like those found in wood. However, to make use of this, you need to stretch the tet mesh in a particular direction. This is a nice tutorial on how to do that.

Making at DMM Chair - Great tutorial by MrTheWeight on how to create a DMM chair and adjust its material properties.

DMM Basics Tutorial by Creative COW - Michael Hurwicz does a great tutorial on the basics of DMM.

Standard DMM Tutorials - All our standard tutorials in one giant file.

If you want to see what DMM can do, check out the spectacular work by the Moving Picture Company here: MPC DMM Work - This showreel shows off some great shots from “Sucker Punch (samurai fight)” and “X-Men First Class (yacht destruction)”



It’s been a while since I’ve contributed, so here is a quick tutorial I whipped up on how I make a Maya killField:

Maya killField

Simple trick and works much more efficiently than using the ‘kill’ feature of regular particle collisions.


Thanks Stijn de Vries for sharing this info…

here are some tutorial links

Maya Dynamics

3dsmax Dynamics


Cinema4D Dynamics

Blender Dynamics



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