Dynamic Spline Constraint issue.


Hi people, would like to know how to avoid the gap between the constrained point in the dynamic spline and the animated object where is attached.
Thanks in advance.


The pivot of the object and the spline point you linked with have to match their positions in space.


This always drives me crazy. The solution is setting the priority of the Spline Dynamics Tag to Animation with a value of 499 (maximum possible value). Hope that helps. Also, try placing the Spline at the bottom of the Object Manager so it gets read first.


Just to pick up on Nanome’s point - yes, move the spline below the sphere/torus bauble, but not because it then gets processed first. The processing order is from the top down in the Object manager, so the bauble needs to be calculated first then the spline for the ‘string’ can be calculated. If the position in the Object manager can’t be changed, then increase the priority order of the ‘string’ spline to a number above the bauble’s priority. Or change the constrained point’s priority (in the tag) from Expression to Animation.
One of those should fix things!


Thanks for the correction, Pete. I meant at the bottom so it gets read after all the other calculations. :slight_smile: