Dynamic Poly-Hair animation


Hello, I want to do a Hair simulation on a character, the hair is modeled (looks like dreadlocks) The stands have different shapes and sizes.
At start tried using Cloth but the results were really crappy. The got squashed but when I added inner pressure the gravity barely had effect on the shape.

My second option is to add bones to the hair strands and use MassFX based on this tutorial:
Making a dynamic rope with MassFX - 3ds max tutorial

Someone has suggestions/tutorials what is the best way to do poly-hair simulation in 3dsMax?



It’s probably better to do something like that with an actual hair simulation tool like Ornatrix


The character is not using hair cards. The hair pieces are more like tubes, is a cartoony character

Is posible to do that with Ornatrix?


Yeah, it’s pretty much the best hair plugin out there.


You can use the old cloth skinwrap method, make a strip of polygons running inside your hair locks, apply a cloth mod to the strip and then skinwrap your hair to it:


Thanks darthviper107, bu sadly now I dont have money to purchase a Plugin, thats why Im trying to find another way

Woah Thanks KaaF, in that tutorial there is a lot of things I didnt knew, I will give it a try when I get a chance, now Im against the clock finishing a project and then return to poly-hair sim


Sorry, replied with an older account I had

The Tutorial for the Chain works really great, but im having terrible sims with the cloth when i have sharp angles.

Im using bones with a MassFX ragdoll, the UContraints are working only on Y with a limit of 45º

I like the way it simulates but the problem is that keeps moving all the time like a rope, and I would like to add some resistance so when reaches the end of the movement stays static.

MassFX Sim07.zip (43.2 KB)

Someone knows how to add resistance to avoid the wiggle at the end, so is more stiff?

Im using 24 substeps in the simulation, when i do <4 it breaks, and to manipulate the values in the UConstraints im using the ZORB script


Thanks for your help