DWIV - Mini Challenge #1 - War General Portraits 3D


Hey guys, great work. :smiley:

I ended up finishing my textures about eight minutes before the deadline. Rushed to photoshop togeather a model sheet, Got everything all ready to go…and my normal maps wouldn’t bake properly! :frowning:

I guess that will teach me to try and finish so close to the deadline LOL! Oh well it was tons of fun. Here’s my final high poly. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for the other challenges.

Just updated and optimized the image for the required file size. (its actually visible now!)


I submitted mine 15 secs before deadline… actuallyt I was surprised it did went through… anyway here is it, far from perfect but whatever :smiley:

great work everybody


Very nice job everyone. I didn’t get started early enough and cut myself too short on time. Thought I’d post what I did get done though for the fun of the game :D. I’ll probably pick it back up tomorrow and get some color on it. There’s some sick talent out there, keep it up all! Cheers!


Nice Work Guys.


Hey Guys, finished mine… late! But here it is, I’m not happy with it, but concidering I started Friday evening its okay.

Let me know your thoughts?

Looking forward to the main event now.


That Rhinostalin idea made me laugh! Absolutely original and funny!


Here is a closeUp :slight_smile:
I really crunched yesterday, so I had it a bit rushed together in the presentation (note the wrong year…eheheh) but anyway here I have another render…
This experience had been a great warmup and training for the main event. Without a doubt!
I’m glad I had the pleasure to work with all you talented artist on this Mini-Comp :slight_smile:

Spetsnaz Tavarish Dubay Stefano - 2009


This was a great challenge!

Velesius> I really love the work you have done. The level of detail is amazing and the execution perfect. I think you might have a winner there :wink:

StefanoDubay> You had a great concept in your hands. However, I have the feeling that the final part of your work was a little bit too rushed and the presentation sheet doesn’t make justice to the quality of your model/idea.

KingstonZ> It’s a shame that you didn’t use an opacity map for the feathers. Your model has a very cool concept and it’s brilliantly executed.


heh, we do what we can, I agree tho tht a strict WIP schedule will be needed for the main challenge, to fit work, party and my girl :slight_smile: . Since I never did Dom War before I took this as a training, but I do agree with you, some more texture work to get the model done and polished… anyway, 1000x1000 isnt enough, for the big context would be nice to be able to post 3 images, beauty render, rotation and maps/ wireframe snaps.
Ideas are not a problem so this attempt is not a waste in my consideration.
thanks to everybody and Zeoyn for these suggestions! I’ll have big use of them leter on!
Hey anybody knows the timeframe for the main challenge?


This is my 1st time to join an online challenge, it is a great exprience for me, i guess for everyone here too.. Everyone seriously trying their best to do something , the feeling is really good! is really inspiring and motivated to see so many great artist and great works.

Zeoyn> thanks for your comments. you have a great model and i really like the way you do for your presentation.

  • for the opacity map on the feathers, they were there since textureing start http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v647/kinston2/wip11.jpg , after i finished textureing , i find the feathers look soft, light and too clean compare to his body and helmet, i give the edges some darker colour and dirt to make them look graphical/angle and heavy - to match the style of heavy, metal, patterns, graphical look of him .hehe

*i think nellement, hhhjun, dragon, velesius they also have a very cool design, great execution, and i really like hhhjun and Zoeyn’s presentation background.

Count Smackula/Matthew Novak > thanks for the kind words, i used to be a Zbrush/Zmapper only ( Die hard Zbrush all the way to normal map ) kind of people, but in this mini challenge, production time is short, and i want to spend more time to make good textures for him( texture is the god after concept drawing for game art) , so i make more parts from maya but not sculpting, i need to use any Transfer Maps tool or xnormal to bake, i m really happy to see that the result of the normal map looks great.

Rares Halmagean> thanks for your comment, your have a very speical idea too, your are really think out of the box.


Hi! Congratulations everyone for a job well done and good luck to everyone in the next level.
Thanks for all good words!
Zeoyn> Thanks! I think winners are all those that finished their characters because the main prize of any competitions is inestimable experience!


Great words Velesius.
Congratulations everyone, was really fun. And for those that did an incredible job, thanks a lot, I’ve learned a couple of new things, it was a really good learning experience :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone and see you again in the main comp.


James Alex


Kingstonz:Thanks man,I’m glad you like it
velesius your entry is very cool,love the high poly version the most.


I got a chance to re-light and cleaned up some my presentation. Wish I had just one extra day to do this in time for submission!


Hey,looks much better right now,I think there isn’t need for extra rust on the back of the head but thats just my personal preference.


Public Voting Ends: March 10th 11:59pm Eastern Time War General Portraits.

vote here: http://www.gameartisans.org/contests/minis/view_entries_cgsociety_3d_1.html


Not only was I late as all hades, but it turned out awful…

Lessons learned though since this IS literally the first time I ever attempted something like this.


Finalist Announced…



Wohoo, congrats to the finalists!
Hehe nice, Rhemrev. :buttrock:


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