DWIV - Mini Challenge #1 - War General Portraits 2D


2D Challenge
[left]It’s time to gather up your creativity, pull together your talents, and get ready for a new kind of warm up competition in the Dominance War series - Mini Challenges! Although the theme is separate from the main epic event, world champion standings are assured for the best mini comp entries!

To commemorate a new class of competition, we will be using a modified theme from Dominance War I. So this year’s first ever Concept Art mini topic is:

War General Portraits![left]The rules are simple - create a portrait of a leader capable of leading troops to victory! Your war general portrait can be from any time period and any race. As long as he/she/it looks like a war general, has the appropriate team war logo somewhere on the body/clothes, and has the appropriate team colors [found here], everything is good!

This challenge is here for those desiring to practice their art before the main event. So keep it easy, keep it quick, and keep it real.


You have 9 days (2 weekends plus 5 days) to finish.

Additional Notes:

  • Artists can only join 1 team for any event during dominance war IV. If you start with polycount, you cannot enter another mini challenge or the main event with gameartisans or cgsociety.
  • You are not required to enter all challenges. Pick the ones you like, and join.
  • Posting your work in progress in this single thread is ABSOLUTLY MANDATORY.
  • You can only submit one “up to” 1000x1000 350k max final image. 200w x 1000h is fine. 999w x 500h is fine. This image must include your team logo, your War General’s name, and your personal name and/or contact details.
  • Only 1 entry per person. Do not create or try to create multiple entries with different user names.
  • Final submissions are final. If you upload your final image 4 days before the deadline, do not ask us to change it. Make sure you are happy with your image before you submit it into the system.
  • Public voting starts Thursday March 5th to March 8th to find each team’s best 5. Each team’s best 5 entries then gather together into a single pool and a grand mini champion chosen and announced with all other Dominance War IV event champions in June.

March 2nd Monday Night 11:59 Eastern time. Voting Starts March 5th.

Final Submission link for CGSociety team Members:

Final View Entries page for CGSociety:

Good Luck to all those who enter![/left]


DO use this thread to post you work in progress and final submission.

DO NOT make a new thread with you work in it.

good luck.


Does it have to be based on a true general? or can we make it up… thanks :smiley:


Portraits! What an awsome idea :smiley: One question, since a lot of portraits are done in three quartre profile, or at least the body is, how should we go about fitting the the symbol in? Are the vector images meant to be used directly or as reference, ie, are we allowed to bend it a little for perspective reasons or do we have to keep it flat?


My progress on a war general after about 3 hours. Unsure of his name at this point.


My first approach.


Rawr! Let’s get this party started! Go team!
Chickened out last year, but this year will be different!

Very early test, still trying things out.


Lol finally worked out how to upload the picture properly ><

Plain sketch, fleshing him out.


I’m linking mine from my free account on Photobucket.com, I recommend muchly.


The colour scheme suits your guy to a T, yakonusuke! :smiley:


I am in :slight_smile:


Okay here we go.

I got up at 5 am to get started on the challenge before going to work. I’m in Argentina, so I was happy to see the rules up by then. There’s nothing outstandingly original here, but I’ve got to finish my entry in three days cuz I’m off on a trip. So pleas let me know what you think, and witch character I should stick with. I know the guy looks a little young but he’s kind of like an Alexander type, I figured no one would go for a young guy. He’s got the gift of foresight and he’s blind.
Well hope to hear from you, and my prayers are with you all. We will prevail!


much like REKLAS did, place the logo like it is part of the clothing. it could even be a tattoo, a medal, jewelery… anything.

awesome start everyone!


Yay, I’m in too, here’s my first sketch very rough want to make a war general with a shark head and human body.

live2contage: In my opinion I think you should stay with the monkey think you can create something more interesting and original with that idea.


Hi there ! Can’t stop workingon this concept :slight_smile:
Here is a b&w first lay out. I am not very happy with the chin… I think i’ll make some modification on the facial structure probably to make the character more agressive.
Crits and advises are welcome.
I start to see some gooooood stuff already there, so goodluck for all the mates.



Here’s the full body sketch :)… the character is finally a kind of a beasty “roman centurion”.


NH: Looking good! It’s got and original face I would try and keep the same concept for the body
les human. I also think you could give him more authority bay changing the look in his eyes and general countenance (the same goes for my monkey

paddflask: thanks man! I was actually going to start a new character all together, don’t know
I have little time so maybe I should stick to the monkey.

REKLAS: great stuff, the overall look has a lot of potential.
Hugs to all!

PS: why can’t you see the image I posted as large as other ones? Sorry this is a first time for me, TKS!


What do you guys think of a full body shot?


Very interesting theme~

This is my first post here

Hope this kind of contest form can force me to work steadily.


Yeah, War began! Let´s make this hard for other sites, grrrr:wip:
here is my start, not finished yet