So this will be my first dominance war entry, we’ll c how it goes.
I started just sketching the structure of the body before I jump to any details
good luck everyone!
coments and sugestions are welcome :slight_smile:
Sculpt Update
I started uploading images to my site instead, so people can see them even if they are not loged in cgsociety
here is the latest update


Nice painting :slight_smile: What class is this character?


here is another quick sketch of the face.


Looks sweet, my first reaction though was that the head looks to much like the aliens alien head.


thanks, yea, I’ll try to break it up, and I may give him a cool headpiece once I start designing the armor :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool concept Alvaro! I remember reading about how you got hired by Blizzard when I was still going to VFS, Looking forward to seeing some awesome 3D work :thumbsup:


So I changed the anatomy a bit to make it less boring, and make it less alienish, and added some armor and a weapon, its a pretty rough sketch to plan the placement of the armor, I will detail it a bit more and put more ornaments on it.


Tweaked the skull surface to make it less alienish


hey alvaro is good to see you here in this contest, i gonna follow this topic very close.


Abomination invoker…? that isn’t an option to pick, but it still looks badass for just an abomination.


How come i cant see the pictures other then the first?


made a quick base mesh, and started blocking out the proportions and overall anatomy structure in mudbox.


this is creepy! i think the last changes fit very well. i like the head alot. allthough it feels like the weight of the torso front, of your demon is a bit to much, as with the pose of the model now, i feel he would fall over to the front a bit :slight_smile:

perhaps you could try to center them more or invert the leg joints, like animals have, specially birds and make the leg come more into the center of the creatures weight?

but your modelling wip looks very well already!


thank u syres, well, this is the neutral pose, once is posed he will be supporting himself with his arms, and his spear, thats why his arms are so long, and his legs short.


Hey man - great to see you’re taking part in this!
Looks very promising man… I like the concepts and the rough sculpt looks good so far.
Only part I’m not too convinced about is the transition of the forearm near the elbow… the forearm almost looks like it belonged to some other creature and was kinda sown on there… i think maybe work on the transition a bit more so it seems to belong to this creature a bit more.
I’m definitely looking forward to see where you go with this one tho!
Good luck dude! Hope u can finish it even with all ur workload…


Nice one!
The first pictures of thehead reminds me some of the alien heads from you know… the alien movies. I like the change you did on the head.


Nice quick sketch so far, How are you enjoying Mudbox 09 over Zbrush?? I agree with chindian about the forearm but I am sure you will fix that up mighty quick. Lookin forward to updates


Hey man!

It has been a long while hasnt it? Good to see your taking part in this.


Nice concept. I like the changes made from your original idea.


Thanks for the coments and sugestions, very helpful, here is where Im at
greg, mb2009 is great, so is zbrush, both are awesome, but right now my flow is a bit faster with mb since thats what we use for production at work. also theyre the same thing at the end.